Why We Made The Unpopular Choice And Followed Our Dreams

Do you ever sit back and just think about your life, your future and the memories you want to make. If you don’t then you really should. Day dreaming about your future is good for your soul. Especially if you have goals to be made and memories to be had.

My hubby and I do this often. And although we have a lot of differences… what we want our life to look like is one thing we definitely have in common.

We were both born and raised in the sunshine state. Which might sound magical and like living in a dream… but for us it wasn’t. I mean don’t get me wrong, Florida is a beautiful VACATION state. But as far as a forever home. It just wasn’t for us. We wanted more… more of a simple life. A life that seems almost taboo in Florida.

So two months ago today we packed up our family and everything we owned (well wanted to keep) and moved from the sunshine state to the Midwest. To us we looked at it as an adventure. Live life with no regrets! But to everyone else we got asked why! Some understood and some didn’t.

So to answer the most frequently asked question we get. “Why did we move?” I decided to make a detailed post sharing about our why.

We want more outdoors!

Yes Florida is called the sunshine state… but that comes with heat. And lots of it! I haven’t met anyone that has ever said they LOVE Florida summer. And summers in Florida are about 6-8 months long. That means you either sit outside and sweat or you spend most of your time in doors racking up an AC bill. Not our idea of a dream!

We want four seasons!

The world is magically beautiful and we wanted to be a part of it. We wanted to experience the natural beauty life had to offer from our front yard. Yes that means we would get cold. But when you spend your entire life with about 8 months of summer… you learn to be very appreciative of changing seasons! This will be our first cold Christmas and we are sooo excited. And really crossing our fingers for it to snow!!

We want to live slow!

Ok so I know this one won’t make sense to most people. I get a lot of “looks” when I try to explain this one. So either I suck at explaining it or it’s not a normal want for the majority around us. So I’ll do my best.

When you live in the city or near the city life moves really fast. I mean you have the same amount of time in the day but everyone is always in a hurry to go somewhere or do something. Traffic is crazy and always… ALWAYS busy! So to do anything you have one choice… get in the fast lane or get off the road! But out in the life of lots of land… everyone slows down. They enjoy the scenery, the sound of nature and laughing littles. Time moves differently because your no longer in a hurry to hit up the next new place.

We have four boys!

Now this will probably sound sexist or something but I’m a “boys will be boys” mama. Yes they will be gentlemen too but that’s a different topic for a different day. But we have four boys and our boys are full of endless energy from “son up till son down”. You know you liked that. So they need as much outside freedom as they can get to burn some of it off. They also need to be able to just explore the natural world around them. In Florida it was just to hot and they really didn’t like going outside for long periods of time. Now they have all day to run and play and we are loving it. (FYI… only 3 are in the photo cause number 4 is still in the oven)

Now I’m sure I could a million other reasons why but these have always been our main ones for moving out of the sunshine state. I do have plans for a future blog post talking about where we are now and how much we are loving it… but one blog post at a time. This busy boy mama has some kids to tend to and coffee to be reheated!

So until next time!

XO Jessica!

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