How We To Put Together Our Kids Intentional And Minimalist Easter Baskets

It’s almost Easter time so I figured id share what’s in our Easter baskets. We aren’t religious so we do it for the bunny and the magic. We also don’t stuff ours full of candy. I mean they get some… but no chocolate bunnies or things that will never get eaten.

We don’t but our littles toys randomly so we use holidays to restock them on little trinkets or activities they have been needing. Typically summer things for Easter since it’s during spring time (or summer here in Florida).

Practically everything we got came from Targets dollar spot so nothing that broke the bank either! We keep it simple. An umbrella! Because what kid doesn’t love having their own. And Batman because umm Batman.Chalk! We always restock our Easter with chalk. My kids can whip through it fast. Especially since we have a giant chalkboard in our back yard for them. Giant chalk pens from Michaels Craft storeI found these super hero themed chalk eggs with hidden toys inside at Targets dollar spot. I almost didn’t get them… but my kids love surprise toys and eggs, so a must if your kiddos also love that!Eggs shaped chalk… because can you really ever have to much sidewalk chalk as a kid? Nope!Marching PJs! If you follow me on Instagram then you know I’m a sucker for matching PJS and never miss an opportunity to get them another pair! Every holiday. These cute ones are from carters!Gardening tools! My kids love to dig in the dirt! Like 95% of their outside play involves someone digging. So we got them cute matching Aprons and gardening tools! I’m going to try and convince my hubby to build them a little raised garden bed so we can try to plant some seeds and test out their green thumbs.Shades… because we live in Florida and my kids lose them faster than socks!Books… because we love books over hereWater Fizzers with hidden toys! Because my kids absolutely love hidden toys I had to get these. Also from target! They are water fizzers which I think will be fun. We’ve never used any bath ones before so might be a new found love for them.I have all boys and they like to explore… so big catchers! They got ones last year and loved it….. but they are long gone so new wood ones it is!PLAYDOH! My kids love playdoh! Me too cause they will play with it for hours! And our playdoh has been dried up for a while and I haven’t felt like making more! Cute mini sized ones that I will place all inside their baskets.Every Easter Basket deserves something ridiculous… so poop themed toys it is. I’m sure this will be one of their favorite things in the baskets 😂And although we don’t stuff it full of candy we do give them a couple to snack on. My kids LOVE LOVE LOVE kinder eggs! So we got them a couple. They come half chocolate and half toy and egg shaped.. so perfect!And last but not least… their own Rae Dunn mugs… because this mama is obsessed and they happen to like my mugs!Do you pack yours similar or completely different? Comment below and tell me!

Until next time… Live a life you love!

Xo Jessica!

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