We Love You Because Valentine’s Count Down Activity For Families

This year since we are homeschooling I decided that I wanted to do something fun with my kids to count down the days until Valentine’s Day starting on February 1st. I was pondering the idea for a while and decided since we are counting down the days of the love holiday. Then why not count it down talking about love. And not just love but sharing why we love each other and then hanging them up each day so we can read them for all the days leading up to Valentine’s Day. To keep it fun I wrote all our names down 4 times and then family 4 times so we can draw two from our jar a day and share why or what we love about them or our family.

With homeschooling being new to use this past year my children are spending a lot more time together than they are used to. Which they are loving but also gives them extra time to drive each other crazy too. So I thought this would be a great way for them to not only think about what it is they love about each other. But also get to hear what is loved most about them. I don’t plan to really structure it too much so if they want to add more than one for those that are picked then we’ll there’s no such thing as to much love. And as a family we can share all the beautiful stories that go along with what we love about them.

Since I’m all about creating things and sharing them I decided to put together a fun freebie so you can do this with your own family too.

Items Needed:

  • Printable cards or cut up papers/hearts
  • Strips of paper
  • A jar
  • Twine
  • Stick
  • Clothes pins

I used 4 different colors of paper for ours (red, pink, purple and white).


  1. Wrap some twine around your stick and tie off on each end. This will be your hanging twine.
  2. Cut 7 pieces of twine similar in length and wrap once around your stick so they dangle.
  3. Clip your clothes pins to the end of each string that’s dangling.
  4. Write down all the members of your family. Double or triple up to fit as many as you would like to pick each day. Fold and place into a jar.
  5. Then each day draw the desired amount of names out and write why or what you love about them.
  6. Then clip to your twine using your clothes pin.
  7. Enjoy reading and sharing each day all the love!

After putting our together I decided to store it in my berry Rae Dunn holders. The ones to be picked on top and the already picked ones on the bottom.

This is a really easy activity to help yours littles express love and what love may look like. And to also hear all the reason as to why they are loved!

If you want to use my free Printable I love you because cards. Then just scroll down and join my tribe and head to your e-mail. I’ll send over a link to my free resource library and the password to gain access. Then you can go snag it and print off as many as you need! Also thank you for stopping by and I hope you come back often to see what other fun things I’m sharing soon!

Live a life you love!

Xo Jessica!

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