Wall Art With Printage!

Do you take all your photos on your phone and then struggle with getting quality prints that are wall decor worthy! Well struggle no more! I have found the perfect canvas company and you can order right from your phone with their app! Click here to download it. They have many canvas sizes available too so your layout options are endless! 8×8, 8×12, 8×24, 8×36 and 12×24 For my space I went with 9 canvases in the 8×8 format. All but one of these photos were taken on my phone! Can you guess which one? Comment below and share which one you think it is! Also at the end of this post I share 6 tips on taking photos on your phone to be print quality! My favorite part is they don’t require any hardware or nails to be hung. They come with adhesive pads already attached and are readjustable. So move them as much as you want until your happy! Here are 6 tips to help you achieve photos that are quality ready for printing right from your phone! 1. Try to use as much natural light as you can when taking your photo! 2. Don’t zoom in! Biggest no no! It will downgrade your photo quality way to much to be printed! Step closer to your photo to frame it how you would want it printed. 3. Use only the best FREE apps to edit your photos! My favorite is Lightroom mobile! 4. Don’t crop your photo in your editing app! Save this for tweaking your photo crop composition in your photo order edit mode! This ensures the highest quality upload possible! 5. Don’t screen shot your photo. Use the original edit right from your phone! It holds the best quality and makes for better photo quality. 6. Don’t over edit your photo. As in don’t apply filters. Instead go with a mobile preset. They preserve your phone photos quality! Now that you have tips on how to conduct your photos for printing… head over to their Instagram for inspiration and start your order through the link in their bio! Want to know when I share more photo tips? Scroll down and subscribe so you don’t miss any future ones!
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