Valentine’s Home Decor

Happy February y’all!

Since it’s the month of all things pink, red + hearts I figured I’d share our simple yet cute and fun Valentines Decor!All most all of our decor is DIY done.

Sorry but it was all practically made before I started my blog so there no tutorials but maybe one day I’ll recreate them so you can have some of your own!

I’m also addicted to chalkboards, letter boards + dry erase boards since I can change them when I want without actually changing my decor.So here’s our Valentines decor… which my kids love!

They get so excited when our home is festive decorated! First up… of course is my Rae Dunn display. I don’t have a ton of Valentines items but I’m still hunting!Then here’s my tiered shelf… which I absolutely love having and think everyone needs one! They are so fun to decorate!Next up is our photo ledges! My hubby built these babies from scratch and they were the first things we put up when we remodeled our home. I just love them! I rarely like never change them out but I will add little bits of holiday to them. For Valentines I put some feather roses on them and my DIY stick arrows I made last year.This photo display is also a DIY like everything else in my home! The clothes pins and hearts give it that Valentines vibe. The clothes pins where from Targets dollar spot last year. The music not hearts are from old sheet music I picked up at a second hand store and cut into hearts.The wall above my coffee bar. It’s almost all DIY too. My coffee mug holders are from pallet wood. My XOXO sign, chalk board hugs + kisses sign, XO sign are all handmade or reused to make them custom.Our hallway is even decorated! These conversation hearts were made from just plain old construction paper about 4 years ago. So fun!Our dry erase frame we built last year just so I could change it up as I wanted. Even the spooning sign above it was a DIY. I’m telling you it’s ALL DIY over here.This chalkboard was also a DIY lol. I actually found the frame for cheap at Hobby Lobby in the clearance section. Put some chalkboard vinyl inside and tada! Always able to change it. This is part of our Gallery Wall above our couch.Of course some letter board love. Because you home wouldn’t be complete without making one of the many I have holiday vibed!I’m a sucker for banners and I’m always decorating our curtain rod. This sign I made a couple years ago and still love it.And my most favorite spot! Every holiday we try to create a hand print art with my boys to display on our gallery wall. This one is of their palms and we call them our love bugs.My other favorite is from last year. We made thumb print hearts. I love all these fun family pieces! They are my favorites!I hoped you enjoy seeing our home decor for Valentines Day. If you enjoy any of the above then feel free to comment below and tell me. Also if you don’t mind I’d greatly appreciate it if you shared them to your Pinterest boards! I’ll have some cute pinnacle links at the bottom if you prefer to use them instead.

And as always….

Until next time, Life a life you love!

Xo Jessica!


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