Valentines Day Printable Activity Sheets And The Cutest Holders For Them

Yes I know that we have over a month until Valentines Day but I couldn’t help but start on making fun things for your littles to do. Because prepping and being ready for the fun things is kinda my thing. And as you know if you’ve followed along for a while I literally love to make things for my littles and yours and well anything DIY. So today I’m sharing with you these super cute and FREE activity sheets I created just for the littles. And bonus my friend Kayla happens to make the cutest activity holders that work so perfectly with them. Her holders add in that extra fun surprise and cuteness so your not just placing coloring pages in front of them. But your making it fun and exciting for them. They get pick a holder of their choice and be surprised by what’s rolled up inside them.

Trust me your going to love these activity sheet holders just as much as your littles. And when you pair them with my free Printables… you can go ahead and check a super fun activity for Valentines Day off your list!

If you want to go ahead and grab you some before they sell out head to her Etsy shop and be sure to check out what else she has to offer. She makes them for all the holidays. If you’d like a sneak peek on what she’s working on next be sure to follow her shop page on Instagram too.

Activity Holders on Etsy

Kay’s Mini Craft Shop

Aren’t they just so adorable! And this is just her Valentine’s Set. You should check and see if she has any past holidays to get her first year set!

If your here to snag my super fun Printables than before we get to how you get them I want to show you them in action with my littles and some of the fun ones you get with them.

To make things extra fun I set up a cute display at our table for my littles. It had all their fun activity sheets rolled up into their holders displayed in the center of our table. My kids love surprises and really loved seeing what activity sheets they got from the ones they picked. I made some that were for the older kiddos and some for the littles too and then lots of fun coloring sheets for all the ages.

My kids had such a fun time with their activity sheets and they loved seeing what each other got in theirs. The free printable includes a word search, word scramble, crossword, mazes, I-spy and lots of fun themed coloring pages.

My Littles really liked the I-spy so if you have a couple of kids I definitely recommend printing a copy for each one of it. It’s a color in I-spy so it’s sure to keep them entertained for a good while. Might let you enjoy a fresh cup of coffee.

Another fun thing about their activity holders is that you can use them for stencils. My kids love tracing them on the back of their papers. Then they can color in their designs to.

Here’s two of the coloring pages that are in the pdf I made sure the font was able to be colored to so each coloring sheet was nice and simple but had lots of coloring with out cluttering up the sheet. Children do better when things are kept simple for them.

If your wanting to snag my free Valentine’s Day printable activity sheets the. All yo need to do is sign up to join my tribe and you will find them in my free resource library along with all my other fun goodies. There’s seriously so many good things in there and for all the holidays too. Plus I’ll be adding more like this for each holiday so you’ll also have access to them too.

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Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy these Printables and your littles have a blast with them. And if you snag some of Kaylas activity holders than cook meant below and tell me how much you love them!

Until next time, Live a life you love.

Xo Jessica!

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