Upcycled Holiday Decor And Kids Craft Christmas Trees

With the year everyone’s been having and all the staying home going on I’m sure your zipping through your unnecessary large toilet paper stash faster than you imagined. And well since toilet paper rolls are a common thing you hear about in the DIY world I decided to needed to share a craft conversion that my kids and I did for Christmas.

Even before 2020 happened my kids and I would always save our empty toilet paper rolls. Why you might ask… well because of two reasons.

  1. They are really fun for kids to color
  2. They make really awesome crafts

One of our favorite ways to use toilet paper rolls and what inspired this DIY craft is as nerf gun targets. My kids love to color them and draw “bad guys” on them. And then display them around the house to shoot with nerf guns. And by around the house I really mean in their playroom because nerf bullets and home decor don’t mix. At least not in a home with 5 boys going to town on shooting everything up.

So for this craft to make it festive we decided to make Christmas trees to shoot. I mean that was until I decided that they were to cute to destroy. So I turned the ones I made into decor pieces and let my kids pick any they wanted to display as decor too. We even strung some twine through some and hung them as ornaments. If you have enough toupee paper rolls you could easily make a banner too. I might try that next.

These were super easy to make and if you happen to have nerf gun enthusiasts in your home then these will definitely be a major hit. You might even catch yourself saving up for the next batch of Diy targets.

Now onto the fun part….

Items Needed:

  • Empty toilet paper rolls
  • Markers
  • Scossors
  • Glue (hot glue gun)


  1. Remove any left over toilet paper from your roll and squish it flat
  2. Cutting through both sides of your roll cut out a tree shape. Be sure to not cut the bottom corners of the tree directly out. This is what will keep your tree connected as one piece
  3. Using your glue (I used a hot glue gun so it was faster dry time) glue the tops of your trees together.
  4. Decorate both sides of your your trees

*Optional ideas*

  1. use as nerf targets… we always use to rolls for that. This just makes them festive targets
  2. Sting twine through it and hang as an ornament.
  3. Use mini clothes pins and clip wig twin to make a banner

Here’s the photo directions if your more of a visual learner like I am.

Remove any left over toilet paper from your roll and squish it flat.
Cutting through both sides of your roll cut out a tree shape.
Glue the tops of your trees together.
Decorate both sides of your your trees.

See I told you that it’s super easy and fun to make. I’m always creating a new DIY or sharing something fun. So if you’d like to follow along or be updated when I have really cool things going on then be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post and join my tribe.

And if you decide to create this super fun DIY whether for decor or for some “bad guys” then make sure to tag me if you share on social media. I’d love to see how yours turned out. You can find me on Instagram or Facebook. I’ll even reshare yours on my social channels too!

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and check out this DIY. It was really fun to make and if your looking for other fun Holiday crafts to do you should check out my blogger friends at the bottom of this post. they have some really amazing ideas I know you’d love!

Until next time, live a life you love

Xo Jessica!

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