Today I’m sharing 10 things that bring me absolute Joy!

I read a post on Instagram recently that challenged everyone to sit down an make a list of what brings them joy. You know since we’re about to enter to most wonderful time of the year. And well since I had never actually made a list of what brings me joy I thought I’d take that challenge on. I have made a list of what I’m thankful for but not joy. Although they are very similar this ones is more specific on actual moments.

So below I’ve listed off the top things that bring me joy and make my heart smile. Not really in any specific order. Just as they came to my mind. I encourage you to sit back and write up your own list. It’s very refreshing and helps you focus more on what actually makes you happy.

1. My hubby + boys! I know it’s probably a given that the number 1 on my list is my family. I mean they are everything I’ve ever wanted in my life and more. They bring me absolute joy. Even when they drive me crazy… they are my everything!

2. Watching my hubby play with our boys! Seeing my most favorite people laugh and love each other and create sweet memories literally makes me want to cry tears of joy while I’m watching them.

3. A hot cup of coffee while relaxing. Coffee is my love language! Ok I have about a ton of love languages… I’m just weird like that. I mean my birthday is national coffee day so it’s like we were born for each other. And through my hot hubby into the moment drinking coffee with me and my little heart just does back flips.

4. Cuddling up under blankets and watching tv. I mean I do t know how this can’t be on anyone’s list. It’s like going to the movies but In your own personal space. Even at a drive in it’s just so cozy to “Netflix and chill”.

6. Capturing memories on camera. If you don’t know already I’m kinda mamarazzi on to many cups of coffee. I always want to capture all the moments. Something about capturing that memory and being able to relive the moment just makes me happy. So I try to capture all the moments I can.

7. Doing skin to skin with all by babies. This is a joy that is very short lived but I still love it. And I always forget how much I love it until I have a new little to do it with again. Something about that bonding with skin to skin is so special. It’s like unspoken bonding that just happens.

8. Biscuits and gravy breakfast with my family. Ok who doesn’t love biscuits and gravy! We probably have it about 2 times a month if not more. My family can devour it any day of the week but we mostly aim for the weekend. It’s such a nice slow morning meal that we all love.

9. Eggnog! It is legit heaven and my favorite drink. And I’m kinda picky. Don’t give me no water downed kind. I like the good eggnog. And if you love eggnog then you know exactly what I mean.

10. Sitting around a fire pit with my hubby. This is one of my all time favorites! We can just sit there and talk or not talk either way I’m at a place of piece just hanging out with him enjoying the natural air and the warm fire sitting next to my favorite person.

11. Sweater weather! I seriously love being cozy! Hygge all the way! So what better way to get cozy that to have the weather nice and cool and throw my favorite sweater(s) and some cozy socks!

12. Dancing in the living room to music blaring with my family. My hubby and kids do more dancing than I do but it’s because I just love watching them.

Ok that was more than 10. But I kinda love life so I could really keep going more than that. Give me all the moments and memories and cuddles I can get.

What’s one thing that brings you absolute joy? Comment below and tell me. I’d love to learn more about you!


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