Tips And Tricks To Growing Your Pinterest Organically

I’ve been an avid Pinterest user since almost the dawn of Pinterest time. I actually joined Pinterest back when it was invite only. If you didn’t know Pinterest used to be invite only.. now you do.

So I’ve watched Pinterest grow and change and evolve. And I’ve learned some tricks along the way. Now I never worked Pinterest like a job and I never will but there are some for sure ways to grow your account.

You might ask what’s the point of growing your account. Well if you Blog or run and social channel and views are something you need. Then Pinterest is your free resource to doing just that.

In a matter of two maybe three weeks I went from about 100k monthly viewers to 3.3 million monthly viewers. And no I wasn’t pinning all day long. I have four kids so my free time is almost nonexistent. I did have a pin that went viral and hit 2.2 mil in impressions. But once that dropped off the 30 day mark I decided to change it up and actually try out the tips I’m sharing with you below.

After my viral pin dropped off I dropped to 2.5 mil. Then to 2.2 mil then to 2.1 mil. And now for the last week I’ve been steadily staying at 2.2 mil and I haven’t done very many repins like I was before. I’ve posted from my blog posts but I’m definitely not stressing pinning.

P.S. Scroll to the bottom to read the reviews and see the results of some of my friends that have tried out these tips and tricks.

Now onto all the goodness you came here for….

The Tips I’ve Learned:

A lot of this info is taken from Adrian and her Pinterest post that you can find here. I definitely recommend it for a good Pinterest read. She gets insights practically from a Pinterest pro.

Best Time To Pin

I learned that the best times to pin are honestly periodically through out the day. This keep your Pinterest always active. It’s better to pin to a couple boards through out the day and a couple pins than to try and pin to half your boards all at once 1 or 2 times a day.

From Adrians post I learned that the peak hours to post to Pinterest are 2-4PM EST and 8PM-1AM EST. I haven’t actually tested this out myself. But it doesn’t hurt to try if your wanting to.

Your wanting to pin when most Pinterest users are actively on.

How Many Pins Should I Do Daily

Before I attempted to actually grow my Pinterest I would just pin “for myself”. Meaning when I went to look up something for me that’s when I’d pin. Or if I was bored and had extra time on my hands.

I’ve pinned so much I was pinned block and have pinned just a couple times a day with the same results.

I actually had helped a friend maintain her pinning during a busy week for her and while we were both continuing to pin all through out the day on her Pinterest her insights continued to drop. So the more the merrier isn’t technically the case with Pinterest.

Adrian did a test where she did 36 pins a day, 72 pins a day and 108 pins a day (not her personal new pins) and it might surprise you but the 72 pins a day have an overall better outcome.

What Types Of Pins Should I do

Vertical pins are Pinterest favorite type of pins. If you were to ever join a group board or a tribe on tailwind… some only allow vertical ones.

I actually watched a fb live with tailwind and one of the top Pinterest employees and they shared that new pins are the top thing that Pinterest’s algorithm likes. Along with using video pins (recently rolled out).

So do new pins and vertical ones are your best at growing.

The Tricks I learned:

The Fastest Way To Pin

I’m not sure how new this is but it’s new to me and it’s how I started pinning and only pin now to grow my Pinterest.

On your “For You” Pinterest feed you have the option to swipe over and see your recently pinned boards. When you click on it. It shows you relevant pins to your board that you can just slide up and check mark all the pins you want to add to your board.

You can seriously repin a 100 pins in a matter of less than 5 mins. I will look up a couple different things to pin. And then pin a couple to the boards that I’d normally pin them too. I’d do about 5 different boards. Then head to my “For You” feed. Swipe over and spend about 2 mins using the above method to pin to each one. Probably about 10 minutes total in time.

I tend to do this a couple times a day (usually when I’m nursing my youngest son. You don’t have to spend 10 minutes and you don’t have to do 5 boards. The trick is doing it through out the day to keep your Pinterest active.

How To Create New Pins Fast

I’ve found the fastest way to create a new pin is to copy the link of your blog or where you want to pin from. Go into Pinterest. A little notification will pop up and ask if you want to pin from the link you copied.

Click it and it will bring up the site in Pinterest. Allow the page to fully load and click save. It will then ask you to pick the pictures you want to pin. You can select as many as you want. And then click next. You then get to choose the board you’d like to pin them too.

The bonus to this is that you can use any link to any blog post or site. Even your own Instagram page. Because you are pinning directly from the site it counts as a new pin for you and you get the impressions for anyone who repins or sees it. Which helps your Pinterest grow. The other benefit… is to the person who owns the images your pinning.

So even though your creating a new pin from someone’s else’s content. The link to that pin directs to their content. So as it’s seen and clicked on it brings views to their content and helps them grow. Win win for both you and them!

What Pinterest Recommends

Keep Your Board Names Simple

I used to label my boards first by the type then the actual board name. So like I’d do…

  • HOME: Living Room
  • HOME: Kitchen
  • HOME: Bathroom

Come to find out. This was actually hurting my boards on Pinterest’s search engine. It was to complicated for Pinterest to know what my boards were really about. It was thinking they were all home. So as I now pin I change the names of my boards to keep them simple. And the above boards are now called things like…

  • Living Room Decor
  • Kitchen Ideas
  • Bathroom Inspiration

Do I feel like this has helped? I really do.

Add A Description To Your Board

Pinterest recommends you add a description to your board to help them and other users know what your boards about. I’ve added a description to some of my boards as I changed the name and some I didn’t.

Do I feel like this has helped? Not really. I still hit 3.3 million monthly viewers with only some of my boards having a description. Could I have grown more if I fixed them all. Possibly. But I didn’t notice a huge difference doing it compared to the ones with and with out it.

I mean technically no one is searching for boards. They are searching for actual ideas and pins.

Reviews From Friends Who Have Tried These Tips And Tricks

I’ve asked a couple of my friends who have tried the tips I shared with them if they would so gracefully share their results with me so I can share them here. I’m still waiting for results from a couple as they just newly started. So I as I get results from them I will add them.

And if you try these tips and tricks and find it working for you also. Send me a message and let me know. I’d love to add your review also. And if this is something you’d be interested in being a part of. Please don’t forever before and after screen shots! They help so for everyone reading this to see a visual of your results.


Instagram: @itsthe_nword

Pinterest: Nan M


Her results and review:

“I went from 100 views to this in 5 days following your advice. Like I’m doing amazing. You can quote me on it lmao. I wish I had taken a before but literally I was getting ZERO engagement”


Instagram: @babybumpsandmombuns_

Pinterest: Chey


Her Results:

Chey was stuck at 1.1 million monthly viewers so I don’t old her she needed to start doing new pins. And she has been creating new pins daily and has grown from 1.1 mil to 5.3 mil and is still growing. She’s also gained almost 1k new Pinterest followers from using my tip!

I hope all these tips and tricks I’ve shared have given you hope in the Pinterest world. If I can grow to 3.3 million than anyone can. And I hope that my blog can help you grow and surpass my highest growth so far.

If you find these to be working for you or helpful at all would you do me a favor and pin this to your Pinterest so together we help everyone rock their Pinterest.

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Until next time…

Xo Jessica!

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