How to have a mindful Mother’s Day

I knew I wanted to write about this topic well before I even decided to start up a blog. And since Mother’s Day this weekend I decided now was the perfect time. Mother’s Day is about us Mamas being Mamas. Not about our family being consumers and buying all these gifts to just make us feel special. But that’s what retail stores and commercials want you to think. Honestly it didn’t really bother me until I became a mother myself. Then it just clicked! I used to participate and give in to the pressure of retailers and all their advertising. I was a sucker, and I don’t like being a sucker. Are you a sucker?

“Let’s make Mother’s Day about being more mindful and less about gifts!”

Now don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the way your celebrating the day or the way your family chooses to celebrate it for you. This is just my perspective on my family and how we celebrate. In 2013 it was my first Mother’s Day. The very first time I was celebrating the holiday were I was the “receiver”. I knew that first time was going to set the tone for every year after. And I didn’t want the same basic tone that aired on all the tv channels, filled the store flyers and flooded social media. I didn’t want to be flooded in gifts. So on the days leading up to my first Mothers Day my husband asked me the “typical” question. “What would you like”? And as I thought about it I actually got really confused. It didn’t make since… I don’t need some extravagant gift or elaborate day to make being a mom special. It was special because of the Little’s that made me a mom. Them on Mothers Day was all I wanted, they were enough! So below I’ve created a list of simple and mindful ways to take back and enjoy your Mother’s Day with the ones that made you a mother. Letting their presence be the only gift you need! Be a rebel and don’t let the retail companies dictate the holidays for your family. You don’t have to be a consumer to have an awesome Mother’s Day! This a very traditional and a well loved thing to do for Mother’s Day. My Little’s love to be hands on and I love seeing them happy. So we do breakfast in bed but it’s not some fancy meal. It’s a kid friendly meal and that might just be a bowl of cereal on a tray with a banana. This is always my favorite. And it doesn’t have to be story book picnic style. Ours never is. We do pack up food and drinks but it’s not pre-made and we bring along charcoal! We head to one of our favorite parks. We prefer the ones that have picnic tables close to the playground. Although the whole blanket thing on the ground is super cozy. Our park of choice has to also include a grill, hence why we pack up charcoal (aluminum foil and grill utensils are also packed up). My husbands love to grill and I love when he does it. We are all outside enjoying fresh air and making good memories. This one is especially fun. Go to a local nursery and pick our plants together. Then you get to go home and plant your garden together. This was what we did my first year. I wanted to have something we got to enjoy over the years. *Disclaimer: I don’t have a green thumb and well they all died. But we still enjoyed them while we could. This would be something more fun to do with older children. They are sparse now but if your up for a drive I’m sure can find one worth driving too. We haven’t gone since having kids but the being out doors and watching a movie is super relaxing and cozy. Plus you can bring all the snacks you want. If a drive in theatre isn’t an option then bring the movie home! Watch an oldie or even rent a new one or three to enjoy. Stock up on fun snacks and drinks. Maybe even have bowls of the different snack options right on your coffee so you don’t have to pause! This is also one of my favorites. I love the beach. The sand… the ocean… and the smell. I love to be right out near the ocean. It’s just so calming and rejuvenating. I actually don’t need the hotel stay. I’m good with a day trip and coming back home. If the beach isn’t close then just make it a pool day. Or even slip and slide and sprinklers. Really anything outside in the fresh air and with your Little’s is going to be magical. (I’ll make a post on how to have a successful day trip to the beach soon) This is not for me.. I’m a horrible baker. But I would still do it to make the memories. Decorate cookies or cupcakes. Maybe make muffins. Try out a new recipe from scratch or even use a family recipe. You could even try multiple recipes and then compare the results at the end. Breakfast in bed doesn’t have to be made for you. Getting up and making it with your Little’s can be so fun too. Messy but fun. A build your own type meal would also be fun too. Pancakes with an assortment of toppings for breakfast. Pizzas where everyone gets to put their own toppings on for lunch or dinner. Whatever you choose just relax and don’t rush it. If your a reader. Then make a family trip to the library. Check out books together. Read some there, bring some home. Maybe even sign your little up for their first library card. Most libraries let you check out movies too. Pick some and end the day with a movie date. This one is another omg of my favorites. And depending on your local Zoo they sometimes have moms entry be free the day of Mother’s Day. You can pack a lunch and have a picnic there. Take your time and just enjoy it. Talk about all the different animals. Just remember Mother’s Day is the time you want it. So if you don’t want to celebrate it as a consumer holiday then don’t. There’s always tons of things that can be done to keep it special that doesn’t require tissue paper and a bag. I bet you didn’t know that Mother’s Days is one of the biggest money making Holidays for retail stores. It’s right up there with Valentines Day, Halloween and Black Friday! Crazy right! So take back your day and don’t let the retailers dictate how your day should be spent. It’s your day Mama! Have an activity to add… comment below I’m always up for trying something new! Want to stay updated next time I post? Scroll down and subscribe. Until next time XO! ]]>

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