Simple Leprechaun Bait Recipe With A Free Printable Label

St Patrick’s Day is coming up and if you’ve been here for a while you I love to make the magical part of holidays fun and extra magical. I encourage my children to believe in all the things and to let their imagination run wild. So you know I had to make some fun leprechaun bait for them and share our printable label with you.

Each year for St Patrick’s Day we set up a leprechaun trap to try and catch a leprechaun and with a trap you need bait. So of course w shave to set out bait. But not just around the trap. We have to lure a leprechaun to our home. So that’s when I decided we need something to sprinkle in our yard to get the attention of at least one. We do this for reindeers and the grinch and it’s an absolute blast. I have free printable labels for them too. So check those out too.

Reindeer Food

Grinch Dust

*Coming soon: Magic Jelly Beans

To make this leprechaun bait all you need is something that will intrigue them. We all know leprechauns are the banks tellers of the fairy world which is why they are so attracted to gold. And while we don’t want to chance the leprechaun sneaking off with our precious gold we do know that at the end of every rainbow is a pot of gold. So we use “magic rainbow” bait to trick the leprechaun into thinking our home is at the end of the rainbow. Which means there’s a pot of gold close by.

The night before St Patrick’s Day when you have your trap all set up you’ll want to sprinkle this magic rainbow bait all in your front yard so it will glow when the moon is out and trick a leprechaun into thinking he’s found a rainbow.

So if your ready to have fun and make St Patrick’s Day a little extra magical for your littles the. Keep reading for the directions to make your own and then at the bottom of this blog I share how to snag my free printable labels.

Items Needed

  • Fruity pebbles cereal
  • Ziplock back
  • Printable label


  1. Print out my free printable label
  2. Fill your sandwich size snack bag up and shake it all to one side and tape it together to make it half the size.
  3. Roll down your top section and tape off.
  4. Tape the label on and enjoy the magic

It really is super simple to make and your kids are going to love it. One way I love to introduce it to my kids is with a scavenger hunt. I have a free printable scavenger hunt in my vault of goodies. So you’ll be able to snag that too if you want. It has different clues that direct to different spots. And then you can leave the leprechaun bait at the last spot.

To get your hands on these freebies then all you need to do is scroll down and join my tribe. It’s super simple and I don’t spam you. Once you sign up you will receive a welcome email from me with the password and link. Then you just head to my St Patrick’s Day Printables album and download it. We reuse ours to epilate waste so definitely think about saving it or recycling when your done.

I am working on our fun magic jelly beans posts I’ll be sharing this coming week. So be sure to check to it for some Easter magic.

Until next time, live a life you love!

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