Simple Elf On The Shelf Ideas For Toddlers

I know… your first initial thought is why would I do an Elf On The Shelf with a toddler. They are too little. Well you probably do Santa or the Easter Bunny now. So why not the Elf. He’s just as magical.

And what’s fun about him is you get to visit and interact with him for a couple of weeks. And he’s tiny. So he’s not scary to anyone… especially toddlers.

And the best time to start a fun new tradition is always now! So go get you an Elf. They are on amazon. And let’s have some fun.

Below I’ve put together a list of 25 simple things your elf can do that won’t stress you out and are really easy to do. Some even encourage your toddler to do things your trying to teach them.

Now remember your elf. Is YOUR ELF! So don’t feel obligated to move him all the time. Or do anything crazy. Your elf your rules and just have fun with him!

So onto the 25 fun things your here for.
P.S. I have a printable cheat sheet idea list and planner below if you’d like to snag them.

  1. in something made out of duplos
  2. brushing his teeth
  3. reading your toddler’s favorite book to stuffed animals or other toys.
  4. scribbling in a cardboard box or on paper
  5. playing a board game
  6. making a mess with TP in the bathroom
  7. laying poop around the counter (chocolate chips)
  8. taking a picture of your toddlers toys
  9. in your toddlers closet with an outfit picked out for them.
  10. having a tea party some toy friends
  11. having a sleep over with some toy friends (sleeping in socks)
  12. posed with cookie ingredients on a day that you plan to bake Christmas cookies
  13. blowing his nose surrounded by crumpled up mini tissues (cut tissues to elf size)
  14. holding the T.V. remote or game controller
  15. in your toddler’s stocking
  16. stuck in a whisk
  17. wearing a “candy” necklace made out of cereal
  18. hiding in a diaper
  19. playing doctor with another toy
  20. reaching into your toddler’s piggy bank
  21. drawing a Christmas scene on an erasable board (chalkboard, dry erase board, mirror)
  22. riding on or in a toy vehicle, dinosaur, etc.
  23. on the Christmas tree
  24. hanging on the ceiling fan or curtain rod
  25. in a plastic jar (empty condiment container) So your toddler can hold and play with them with out “touching” them.

If your wanting to download my free printable cheat sheet idea list or planner then just join my tribe and they are yours plus hundreds of other freebies in my vault. All kinds of fun things and tons more to come in 2020.

I Want To Join And Get These And All The Freebies!

I hope you do decide to be an elf mom. And I hope you enjoy it. It’s really fun. And I hope this list helps you with some simple fun ideas.

Until next time, Live a life you love.

Xo, Jessica!

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