Meet Me!

Hey! I’m Jessica, Jessie, Jess, Mama, Mommy, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom! Or Babe to a really hot guy I get to cuddle any time I want.

I respond to it all (most of the the time) or you can just call me Mama Bear!

Welcome to my little place where I plan to share it all. Everything from being a wife, a mother or just plain ol’ me… the hands on DIYer or self-taught photographer who’s addicted to her family and matching pajamas!

I’m on a lifelong journey of self love, intentional living + creating a hygge ambiance in my life. So expect to hear about that often.

Especially since my hubby and I recently took a YOLO leap of adventure and moved our family across the country. Now we get to sit back and enjoy the beautiful four seasons while doing life in the middle of the woods with our littles. Small town in the Midwest vibes all day!

My days mix and mingle and occasionally my blog posts will too.. but hey that’s life. Or motherhood as I now call it…. a beautiful chaos. I’ve had 3 little’s in 4 years 4 littles in 6 years (all boys) so I’m currently taking on that motherhood adventure with a full heart and crazy sleepless nights. But that also means I can drink more coffee than the Gilmore girls!

I’m a big “collect memories not things junkie”, so don’t expect me to be your shopping buddy. Unless we are hunting for Rae Dunn… collecting simple pottery is my one weakness! I’m sure it’s more about the thrill than the actual mug. Ok, maybe the mug too! But I’d give it all up for all the memories!

Remember that hot guy that calls me babe….

There’s no one else in the world I’d rather survive parenthood with than him. He is my high school sweetheart + my best friend. The baby daddy to my wild boys.

I’m a sappy lover of all things love and truly believe we were born for each other. Even on our hard days… but especially on the good ones. Or the hard ones that he does the dishes on…. those are good days too.

November of 2020 will mark 16 years we’ve been rocking this life as a team! Half my hubbys life!

For our 14th anniversary I shared some random facts about us. You can check them out here!

The whole about me part of things are always weird so I’m just going to embrace it and list some weird things about me…

  • -I don’t like to be tickled, it actually hurts (probably because I physically tense up)
  • -I pronounce crayons like crowns
  • -I dislike like feet… they are just gross so don’t even point them at me
  • -Reading makes me tired and will seriously put me to sleep
  • -Retail therapy fixes almost all my problems, except it doesn’t work well with my minimalism journey
  • -I prefer second hand items over new and then making it look new again
  • -I love spooning but only if I’m the little spoon
  • -I cry when I laugh… it ruins my make up all the time
  • -I can literally live off Coffee and Milk all day
  • -I’m afraid of the dark… like crying scared, chicken of the dark

I’m also a sucker for intro posts on my Instagram so here’s some of my recent ones that list just random facts!

January 12th 2019!

August 20th 2018!

OK so I lied I don’t do as many intros as I thought! But still check them out to learn more about me!

Or better yet check out my blog post when I turned 32 and listed 32 facts about myself. You can read them here!

I hoped you enjoyed getting to know more about me and my awkwardness! That’s just me! Stick around though… I’m always up for a good conversation with lots of laughing.

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