Encourage And Reward Good Behavior In Your Children With A Treasure Box

I don’t know about you… but I’m not a fan of toys. Like I don’t not like them, I just don’t like to much of them. I have 3 boys I had in 4 years so toys don’t get “grown” out of very frequently.

Which means when my 6 year old gets a toy. It might be here for a couple years. It will receive lots of love and make lots of memories but it will most likely still be here for too long.

So because of this my kids only get toys for their birthdays, holidays or when they get rewarded from our treasure box! What is a treasure box you ask?Well it’s a box full of treasures. Now you can call yours whatever you want but make believe is fun so we have an actual treasure box to keep up with the theme. We found ours at Marshall’s.Our treasure box is used to reward lots of things. When they clean their playroom if it’s really bad, when they do really good at appointments or running errands with us. If they let me take their pictures and they do really well they get to go in it.

This is total bribing but that’s how we roll and it works! It’s also a great reward system for potty training! First pee, first poop, wiping their own butt, waking up dry, etc. You can really use it for anything!We typically fill ours up ever couple of months unless it’s a holiday then we will toss in some holiday themed items. Items we typically put in ours are kinda small trinkets that they love but will be lost or tossed shortly after. So we aren’t collecting more toys.

Mostly things they would ask for at the store. But don’t get because it’s a reward we do at home. Things like Mashems, grossery gang, Ryan’s surprise toys, kinder eggs, slime or etc. Some hang around but they are either cars or etc (put in there for my 1 year old).

Then we add sweets! They don’t get these very often so it’s a reward. Some are holiday some are just whatever we grab. They can grab a toy or a treat but not both. 

After about a month or so it starts to look pretty sparse. We know it’s time to refill it because it starts to stop working. I don’t blame them though. This doesn’t look fun. Do you have a reward system? Do you have a bribery system? Comment below and tell me about it. I love hearing different ideas! If you decide to make a treasure box comment below and tell me!

Until next time.. Live a life you love!

Xo Jessica!

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