Rae Dunn Must Haves For Valentines Day

When it comes to decorations for any holiday I’m not even going to pretend that some of my favorite decor will always be my holiday themed Rae Dunn. I love the holiday pieces and how they change up each year. Especially when she doesn’t bring them back the following year… that makes them extra special. Collecting Rae Dunn mugs over any of the other items will always be my favorite. Yes I have some canisters and candles and other decor pieces. For the holidays I really just want mugs. And not even all of them. I’ll usually take what I can get and be happy but every so often I have my eye set on a them or set up that I really hunt for.

A couple of years ago when she released her white mug with just a heart on the front I fell in love. I can’t explain why that mug was at the top of my list but it was. And I was so thrilled when I finally got it. This year she released a lot more heart mugs and I just knew that I had to have them. I’m sure there’s more than the ones I have but I’m pretty content with these. I mean unless I see another one in the store then of course I’ll snag it.

I also have other favorites for Valentine’s Day too. I have the colored inside couples mugs for hubby + wifey and the pink and black beauty and the beast set that o absolutely love. My favor are always going to be the couples sets. Even if my hubby doesn’t drink that much coffee. Maybe one day when we are old he will.

Since this is a valentines Rae Dunn blog I figured I should share my other valentines mugs too along withy tiered tray for this year since of course it’s Rae Dunn valentines day themed too.

The only think that has changed between the two pictures here (above and below this paragraph) are the top mug. I could decide which way I wanted to display them. And honestly I was pretty nervous stacking my mugs up like this. I’m pretty clumsy when it comes to glass things. So I was have convinced that one of my stacks were coming down.

This four stack high of my mugs too a lot of courage to do. I was mostly convinced this would be the one to go down. I honestly don’t know how people can stack them and leave them decorated like that. I actually have a nervous time when I switch out my mug shelf for the holidays. I’m always worried I’m going to dislodge it from the wall. Anyone else always feel this way too?

Speaking of said shelf. Here’s the one I use to display my rae dunn mugs on. I mostly use it to rotate through my holiday mugs and use my mug rack to hold my basic favorites or for overflow of holiday mugs. I really love how simple it is. And I try to not overdo it in other decor since there’s already a ton of mugs there.

One day when we get a larger home I’ll get me a nice china cabinet or hutch to display them on. But for now the tops of my cabinets and this shelf work for me. I’m always pinning the cutest displays so if you’d love to see all the heart eyes for Rae Dunn decor then you should check out my rae dunn Pinterest board. So much inspiration!

Rae Dunn Pinterest Board

I’ll be sharing a blog about what rae dunn is since I have so many people asking me what it is and why I collect it. So keep an eye out for that of your thinking the same thing. I’ll even share tips to snagging your “unicorns” which is rae dunn language for your must have pieces.

Don’t forget to join my tribe and gain access to all my free Printables and svgs. I have tons of rae dunn inspired ones that everyone needs!

Until next time, live a life you love!

Xo Jessica!

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