Preschool! It’s happening, your loving it + I still want to cry! | A letter to my school bound wild child

Sending a little off to school for the first time… it’s tough. I’m sure every SAHM mama for a split second thinks about the homeschooling option. Just so we can keep our littles home and near us… forever!

But deep down we know they need this and so do we… so we send them off to be big kids and make all kinds of fun memories. Independence at 100% mode is scary but needed.

Now if your like me and get all emotional about it and aren’t quite sure what to do when your new spare time… unless you got other littles… then semi spare time. I suggest writing them a letter. Document how you feel that first day, how they felt. How their first day went and include as many photos as you can. I think I might actually make a separate blog listing how you can keep track of all these moments. Not just the first day but every day after that too.

Now the entire purpose of this blog was just for my to document his firsts… so I can reflect on them whenever I want. So if you want to read a mini letter to him, check out his meet the teacher or first day of school… keep reading and try to not cry along with me. Yeah I got tears writing this up.

To my Little:

Ohh my sweet little love… how did you grow up so fast? How did you become so independent and so courageous? How is it that your not a big ole newborn sleeping on my chest anymore?

My baby, I sure didn’t want to let you go. I wasn’t ready. I really wasn’t. I wanted just a little more time. A couple more days, weeks even just a couple more years would of been so nice. But time isn’t mom friendly at least for me it isn’t.

And now your off to be a big brave kid. I mean you were always brave… But now you get to be brave and make your own memories. (Insert tears!!)

I’ll be missing you every second of every day and will be looking forward to hearing about each and every moment. Especially your favorites from the day! Now go make friends, memories and be the tough little guy you have always been. Mama promises to be brave with you!!

Xoxo MAMA!

Now for all the moments!

These are from your meet the teacher and getting to tour your new class room. You also got to meet and tour your bus too. Yes your going to be a bus rider (insert more tears).

With your teachers, bus driver and classroom grandma.
Washing your hands after testing out the bathroom, checking out your new cubby, exploring the room with your little brother and having a seat so mom can snap a photo.

Your first day of school!!! (Insert tears)

You did so well! You had no tears, no tantrums and you napped like a champ! You were actually one of the last ones to wake up from nap. You LOVE LOVR LOVE shaving a class fish. He’s your favorite thing about class and you talk about him all the time. You tell everyone about him and his shark house. Makes me kinda want to get you one but also not. I like that you have that special fish at school. He’s a blue beta fish and his name is Nemo. The class last year were the ones that got to pick his name. I asked of course.

You have started making friends already. We don’t know any of their names but I’m sure you will slowly remember as you play with them more. Each day that I come and get you (your a car rider the first week) your outside playing with your friends. It’s so cute to watch you.

Ohh and you get to have a back pack. We let you pick if you wanted to use your Batman one or if you wanted to use Bubbas old Paw Patrol one and you immediately chose to use his old one. It’s so cute to watch you want to follow in his foot steps but also be your own big person!

Now your first day of school moments I was able to get before Dada made me leave! I really wanted to come peak in on you but he knew you were doing just fine and wouldn’t let me.

You loved being able to get your own first day of school photos done! And I couldn’t choose just one to share.
Haha this one was to cute! This was all you!

With your family. Bubba couldn’t be there because he had school to. So we made sure we got you and your brothers together before anyone left.

You being silly on the ride to school.
Walking into class.
Your back pack hanging at your cubby.
Learning your new routine 😍
Spider-Man kisses from your little brother.

Now we know there was no way I was going to let you go off to school with out having a fancy little celebratory breakfast. Gotta make all the moments extra special!

Now look at you… looking so big on your 2nd day of school!!

My little… I hope everyday is as special you deserve!!

Thank you for taking the time to check out my littles first moments.


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