Pregnancy And Birth Looks Different For Everyone

I could easily share all the beautiful stories of my boys. But when I think about this topic and being raw. The very first thing that comes to my mind…. is the pregnancies and birth stories I will never get to have and share.

Being a mother is a gift. A gift that should be available to any women who wants it. Not just to those who are physically able to.

As an all time lover of all things life and motherhood I felt a calling to one day be the “physical” part for another moms child. A child she wasn’t able to carry and birth on her own. I felt I had some unique calling to be a surrogate mother!

“We all deserve to raise a child of love”

I would actually day dream about the memories and moments I would one day share with her (the mom I’d help to become a mama). Who ever she was… I would day dream about being the one to help her become a mama.

But life… it’s a bitch! And my body had forsaken not just me but her also!

I knew that I wanted to have children of my own first because well selfishly I wanted my first pregnancy + birth experience to be with my very own child. On top of its required you have a child first before even applying.
But sadly with my first child I had become a high risk mama. Which caused me to be “null and void” to the surrogacy world.
If I was to try and relate my feelings on this to a more recognized topic… it fully resonates with my feelings as a miscarriage mom.

Loss is loss! And it has many different forms. So whatever loss you’re feeling whether it be similar to mine or one that is different. Know your not at fault. Life has plans we will NEVER understand. And although birth and pregnancy stories can be very double-sided with many emotions that some will never understand.

Please for the sake of life and love… try to just embrace what your given… even if it’s not a child I wanted to carry for you!

Below you can find our volume 12 of The Untold Stories Of Motherhood. This week we are sharing about our village, our tribe or lack of one.

Check each one of our stories out as you never know which one you will find relatable.

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Thank you for taking the time to be here and listen to our stories. It really means the word to us! 

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