Plant Lovers Printable Valentine’s Cards

When it comes to Valentine’s Day I love making all the fun things. Especially things that you won’t typically find in the store. The uniqueness is the fun part. And I know that all my plant parents were needing some cute printable plant valentines cards. These can easily be taped to a packet of seeds or taped to a stick and placed with a plant. And who doesn’t love plants. So everyone will love to receive these. I didn’t add any Valentines related words to them so you can really use them for any occasion.

In the mock ups below I show them all separate but they are all included on pdf and print all 8 to a page. So they are small enough to stick with a plant if you chose to go that route or they will fit in your kids mini mailboxes that they will have for their school party to celebrate Valentines Day.

I think the quotes all turned out cute and work really well for all the plant love. If you have any special requests just let me know. I’d love to make custom ones. I’ll probably be making a set with succulents too. So keep yours eye out.

If your wanting to snag these freebies then just scroll down and sign up or on the right of the screen if your on desktop. Join my tribe and you’ll be emailed the link and password to my free resource library that is full of tons of wonderful freebies. Trust me your going to love it in there. I have lots of things for plant parents too.

I hope you enjoyed these and have fun gifting them to all your friends and loved ones. Comment below and let me know which one is your favorite.

Until next time. Live a life you love.

Xo Jessica!

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