Our Top Favorite Toys That Are Timeless And Survive The Donation Pile

When I was a newbie mom I really had no clue about kids toys. I always thought new and flashy with all the buttons and knobs was what kids wanted. Because well that’s what was always advertised when I became a new mom. But over the course of the years and a couple more kids later. I learned very quickly that the gadgets and gizmos were NOT what my kids really wanted.

Kids have a natural tendency to gravitate to toys that encourage them to use their imagination. Well over a toy that tells them how to play with it.

So as time went on and we started our decluttering journey I slowly learned what toys my kids LOVED to play with and which toys kinda just took up space. Those that just take up space eventually made their to the donation bin. While the toys that they still love and play with years later ended up being our timeless toys. And will one day maybe be handed down to their kids.

So if this holiday season your kinda stuck on the kinds of toys to get your littles then I’ve put together a list of toys that my kids love and have made it past the donation line each time we clear up and clear out old unwanted toys.

I also made some cute gift tags Printables that you can find at the bottom of this post. They are similar to the 4 gift rule… except I don’t like to fit myself or what I do into a box. So this is a bit more open and gives you more freedom to the rule.

There are 20 different gift tags and they each say something different. Along with the typical 4 grift ones… something you wear, read, need, want. The purpose of the ones I created are to allow you to gift what your littles want/need or what you would like them to have but to also be intentional with you how do it. Now I don’t recommend using all 20 for one kid. But hey your home, your holiday, do what feels right to you. And enjoy the magic.

Now onto that super fun list of toys that have made the cut and survived the donation bin in our home of four boys or that if love to add to our collection one day.



Nesting Dolls

Peg Dolls

Balance Board

Rainbow Stacker

Wood Blocks

Trucks + Cars

Art Supplies

Role Playing

Board Games




Train Tracks

Now in our home to keep toys at the top of their game we rotate toys. We have a playroom and our playroom closet is designed just for those out of rotation. My kids love to rotate toys and when it’s time to swap out it feels like Christmas morning again.

I’ll be sharing how we rotate toys in a post soon. To help all us moms recover from the holiday collection that’s about to happen.

Now if your wanting to snag those free printable gift labels for your intentional gifts this year. Then all yo I need to do is click the button below and join my tribe. You’ll then be emailed the link and password to access them and all my other goodies for free.

Yes I want these printable gift tags!

Now I don’t recommend you go and try to your home up with all these items on my list. Take your time and start with less. See what works for your littles and what doesn’t make the cut.

Don’t feel bad about donating toys. They will be purchased by another family and still be loved and used. Only keep what brings happiness to your home and your family. The rest will work itself out and into the donation pile.

If you jumped to the end I made a quick recap of the list above so you don’t miss the best toys we have owned and my kids continue to still love!

  1. Duplos
  2. Legos
  3. Nesting dolls
  4. Peg dolls
  5. Balance board
  6. Rainbow stacker
  7. Wood blocks
  8. Tonka trucks/ Hot wheel cars
  9. Art supplies
  10. Role playing toys (kitchen, construction, etc)
  11. Board games
  12. Playdoh
  13. Puzzles
  14. Magnets
  15. Train Tracks

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my post on the Top Toys That Are Timeless And Survive The Donation Pile.

Until next time, live a life you love… and remember less is more!

Xo Jessica!

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