Ollie Is Quarantine Three

It’s a pandemic! There’s a quarantine going on!

But that doesn’t mean birthdays stop. At least not around here. And neither do birthday parties. 

Our third littlest little is turning THREE! So of course we are going to celebrate him. I mean one of the things I looked forward to when we moved was simple + low key birthday parties. You know more about the meaning of the event than the decor.

So for Ollies third birthday we waited for him to go down for his nap before we decorated. We sometimes do it the night before but I wanted his brothers to be able to help set it up for him. And since Ollie is a morning person there was no way we’d all be able to get up and have it decorated before he woke up. Not happening! 

So when Ollie went down for a nap we went to work. 

Dada blew up balloons. We always keep an at home helium tank for special occasions. It’s way more convenient than heading to party city or anything like that. 

I pulled up our blow up happy birthday balloon that we use for everyone’s birthday. It’s kinda became a tradition for us. We hang it on the wall behind our kitchen table. 

We updated our kitchen sign. My oldest asked if he could be the one to write it this time. He did very well and I’m so proud of him! 

Next I started baking his cupcakes. This one had me worried as the last time I baked anything of the sorts of a cake was over 10 years ago. And I didn’t realize I grabbed chocolate instead of vanilla when I went to make them. That’s was a surprise. 

Now the mix makes 24 cupcakes but I only have 2 muffin pans that make 6 each. So I poured the rest into a small and shallow baking pan. I figured this could be his “cake”

So once everything cooled I frosted the cupcakes. I was quite impressed with myself with this. They typically look like I got in a fight with a spatula. But this time they actually turned out looking almost professional.

For fun we decided to let them decorate their own cupcakes. I put into the muffin tins 12 different variety’s of sprinkles, edible decor and cereal. You know for variety! They loved it! We actually put down a plastic table cloth we had but that didn’t work out to well. They wanted to play with it so it kept sliding all the food everywhere. You live and you learn. 

And then because we were keeping it simple and it was a quarantine we did a “pizza” theme with the food. We had pizzas, pizza rolls and bagel bites. He wasn’t complaining about any of that. 

Then after that we did his gifts. He received a couple from us. And then grandpa and grandma gave him a couple. 

Something I did specify because we were celebrating during a quarantine was I went on my personal Facebook and created a event for him. And then I asked everyone if they wanted to. To send us pictures of cards they mad him. If they wanted to bake a dessert to let us know And they could enjoy it on facetime with him. 

So after all the party fun was over I pulled up all his cute messages and read them ALL to him! He loved it!

Here’s a cute video of him saying “thank you” to everyone that sent him a birthday greeting.

Happy Birthday my cute little Ollie! I hope you had a great 3rd birthday full of lots of love, laughs and good times!

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Until next time,

Xo Jessica!

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