Oliver’s 1st Lumber Jack + Saw”MEAL” birthday party

On April 21st my littlest little turned one! Turning one is the very first age milestone your little is ever going to hit. So we put together a special and overly decorated party for him. This time though we actually kept it very simple in the decor and very light on the amount of food we provided. Little’s love to run and play so we always have our birthday parties at a park. We always opt to renting a pavilion instead of trying to squeeze all our big and Little’s guests into our home. I’m pretty big about doing diy items especially for our Little’s parties and the decor for it. I’m a hands on girl and custom made is always better than store bought. Actually though this time I did purchase lots of premade things thanks to my faveorite store ever… Hobby Lobby!

The Birthday Boy

His birthday outfit

His black tee is from Hobby Lobby. Along with the iron on letters. Which we chose to place at the bottom left of his shirt so they’d still be seen with his bib on. His pants are from Skuttlebum use “MAMABEARWOOTEN” for 10% off) His shoes are also buffalo plaid print and are Converse. His black snap back hat that he refused to wear in the first photo is from H&M. His bandana bib is from Amazon.

The Groupies

Yes sometimes we all match for parties. Sometimes are family will hop in and plan to match too. Mostly just the milestone ones or golden birthdays. Which has been the last three parties we’ve hosted recentl. I actually really enjoy finding outfits for my family and I to be twinning so anytime i get the chance I do it!

The Entry

We might not always be right there to greet every quest as they show up being we are at a pavilion/playground and have 3 Little’s. So we try to set up a welcome sign right by the walkway entrance… to let them know they are at the right birthday party (who wants to show up to the wrong party at the park). That red, black and white fabric banner laying at the bottom of the sign so awkwardly is from my oldest sons first Birthday. It happened to match the color scheme so we decided to add it! So a part of hosting our first ever first birthday party was part of our last first birthday party we will ever host!!! Bittersweet!!!

Log In

Growing up we always had a sign in poster for everyone who attended to write you a special note to keep for years to come. So of course I want to pass that tradition one to my littles. I always include this at my Little’s parties (at least if I remover too… mom brain). Ollies party was lumberjack themed so a sliced piece of wood was perfect to have everyone sign!

Dress up

Right after logging in we had the fun spot or at least my favorite spot! We had beards and axes for our guests to dress up and be in character! It was especially fun to see the adults participating too!!

The Card Table

Hand made cards are our favorite!!! They have so much meaning and thought out into them. We never ask for gifts but still everyone shows up with them and we do the same when we go to birthdays too. That “Can’t show up empty handed” that our parents instilled into us. Well after our first sets of hosting birthday parties and not having a section for the lovely gifts every brought we started to designate a location for them. Those first couple times it got crazy trying to be like ohh here let’s just set them over here somewhere! Yes! I did use buffalo plaid wrapping paper to match his party!

The Cake + Desserts

My Aunt is a really awesome baker and always spoils my Little’s parties with the best decorated treats ever! Anything I ask for she creates it even better!

His Smash Cake

I requested a log and she did an awesome job! It was extra fluffy in frosting too which made it perfect for him to tear it apart and get messy!

Campfire Cupcakes

Aren’t these just the cutest! They seriously go with the whole lumber jack theme perfectly. She really outdid herself with these!! The fire is melted jolly ranchers!!!

Cake Pops

She forms these by hand too… no cake pop maker in her kitchen! These are good for those that don’t want to wait for the birthday song to have some cake!!

Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Because they are cute and they look like birch wood so why not!!

The Party Food

Every party has to have food right? At least that’s how I was raised… with people that like to eat! And I always opt for meals I can make the night before so it’s as easy as pie setting up.

Walking Tacos

We’ve discovered that besides pizza… Walking Tacos are the best and easiest party food options out there that every one loves! (I’ll provide all the details to offering this at your party in a future post)

PB&J + Sandwich Sliders

These are always a hit and super easy to make. The kiddos love the PB&J’s while the adults devour the lunch meat ones. We also always provide fruits and veggies for our guests to snack on.

Trail Mix Bar

I’m really horrible with the whole party favor thing. So recently we’ve been having a build your own trail mix bar set up for everyone to enjoy at the party or to go.

The Drinks

We like to keep our drink selections simple. Some juice and water does the trick. We don’t do alcohol beverages because we are a local park and isn’t allowed. This round we had fruit punch, lemonade and water. The straws we used for drinks were wood them and are drink dispensers are the best! When I was shopping for party items I wanted all plastic because I have boys and shattered glass at let alone at a party of bad… but even more so at a pavilion. They have compartments on the bottom and the top for ice to keep your drinks cold. The top area has a space for fresh fruit or lemons if you want to offer that and they are stackable. I found them on Amazon here. If your interested in free Lumber jack party printables that I used for his party then hit the subscribe button to be updated when my first printable set goes live (soon) Thank you for taking the time to stop by and visit my first party post! I really appreciate you!! Until next time XO! . . ]]>

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