New Grade, New School, New State + your Mama didn’t cry! | A letter to my First Born First Grader

To my First Born First Grader!!!

(And anyone else here to read about my boys first day and browse the memories of it… majority of photos will be at the bottom)

My good golly gosh this happened really fast! Even with that extra week of summer!Bonus to moving to a new state! But, I’m not going to lie… even though you and your brothers can drive me crazy I still secretly want to keep you home forever! Soak up all the snuggles, take my time making you all breakfast and just live the entire day in our pjs…. doing what ever we want, whenever we want, however we want.

But that’s not our reality. I mean it is but only during summer vacation. And well that’s officially over and today was your first day of first grade at your new school in a new state and your mama didn’t cry! I mean we were running late so it’s not like I even had a chance to get sappy. Which btw I’m sorry about that little dude. Your mama didn’t plan out the morning well enough time wise. We gained an extra week of summer but lost an hour in the mornings and I’m sure you know… your mama is NOT a morning person! I did wake up early and make you a super cute first day of school breakfast. So cool you asked if it was your birthday! Mom win there buddy! As far as everything else… I didn’t budget in a realistic time frame, so tomorrow just eat faster.

Now to the good stuff we’ve all been waiting for… how drop off went and how your first day was.

Drop off was speedy… you know cause we were late. We found your class a lot easier today. Now to just get you used to finding it on your own. You got your backpack label today so that makes we feel way better, just don’t lose your backpack!

You got to use your locker already. I didn’t get one of those until high school! So not cool! You actually put your back pack in it every morning before class. You and a class mate share. It’s for your winter gear you will be rocking come snow season too! Eek! We are excited for that aren’t we! I hope we figure that out so you don’t freeze up like a popsicle.

Let’s see… we walked in, found your class… put your back pack up… gave kisses, took some pictures with your brothers, then mom and we hugged good bye and you went in and sat down (at a table full of all blonde girls too) don’t do your mama like you did in preschool and start loving a girl the first week. Not allowed! Your “hunny” will have to wait cause your still this mamas boy! I snapped a couple pics from the distance and we left. Just like that! No lingering, peeking through the door window, I didn’t walk up to you for one more hug and good bye, you didn’t turn and wave (insert… I would of cried had I realized this in the moment and then came in for one more hug and let’s say and wave goodbye). Yes I know I’m probably too mushy… but your just so dang sweet I don’t want to leave you!

Now from what you told me about your first day… lots of kids got in trouble for not listening (but not you… “mr manners”) you made some friends. Had pizza for lunch. The cheese kind that was rectangle… not triangles like your last school AND You loved it! You were really upset that I didn’t let you ride the bus home. I know you really want to but not yet buddy. Let mama have this first week of waking you in and picking you up and then you can have the rest of the year to ride the bus. I promise!! This is probably my last time doing it so ease a mama into it cause my heart is feeling all kinds of ways this school year.

Anddddddd just like that… we are now on day 2!! Good luck my little love, have fun, make lots of friends and always listen to your teacher!!

XOXO Mommy!

Ok now for everyone who’s been anxiously awaiting to see photos of today… here’s what this mama has to share!! It’s not a lot, I promise…

Gotta get those annual back to school photos of you!

You making a heart with your hand you little sweetheart!
Here’s your years so far! You’ve grown so much!

Some photos with your family of course!

Back 2 School breakfast!

This one is the after mess I came home too… cause someday you boys will be old and grown and I’ll miss this too!

How was your first day back to school? Did your little love it or just like it? How about you mama? Did you cry or no?

Comment below and tell me all about the memories you got to make.

XO Jessica!

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