My 3 Favorite Ways To Make Santa Extra Magical For My Kids

When it’s comes to Christmas season I’m not even going to deny that I like to do all the magical things for my kids. I remember being a kid and believing in Santa and the magic that came with the holiday and I absolutely loved it! Like I found my Christmas presents once and didn’t even want to peek. I wanted to be surprised on Christmas. It’s more magical that way.

So as a mom I try to keep the magical parts fun and real-ish for my littles. I love to see them so excited about the magical parts and the simple moments. So if your like me or want to make Santa extra fun and magical. I’m sharing three fun ways to do that this year. Some we do and some we plan to try out this year.

So keep reading to find out how to make Santa magical for your littles.

Letter From Santa

Have you ever had a letter from Santa delivered to your kids? If you haven’t… how magical does that sound. It sounds really cool! And what kid wouldn’t love that. Especially if that are at reading age. I know my oldest would absolutely love that this year.

This year I discovered Santa Letters and I’m so glad I did! They create the coolest letters from Santa and it’s legitimately sent to you in mail. (They share the address it’s shipped from on the site so you know)

What do you get when your order through Santa Letter’s? Only the coolest things!

You can get…

  • A certified letter from Santa
  • Nice list certificate with your kids name on it
  • A globe map showing the North Pole to your house with an arrow
  • A list of the nice list with your kids name on it

Santa Letter’s has really thought of it all. I love that you have the options to pick that fit into your budget. You can get them all or just the letter from Santa. I love all the options they have and how personalized they are. You can even add a friends name to the nice list so your kid can see their friend on it too.

So if your wanting to get extra magical this year I definitely recommend you go check out Santa’s Letter’s and think of how magical and pretty cool that would be for your kids.

Let me know if you do. I’d love to hear how much your kids loved it!

Santa’s Elves

We’ve had elves in our home for about 4 or 5, maybe 6 years now. And my kids love it. Ours is kinda lazy but also super fun too. This year we have a 2nd elf showing up. We are trying to decide if she should be our elves sister or wife. We do know that we are going to say she just graduated elf school and gets to be with her family (our boy elf and us. Since all elves only visit one family… how we do it)

Christmas Eve Box

This one is so fun! We do it every year and have been probably since our first was born. He was like a month old so we were new to it, so how we do it has changed over the years. And always changed in ways that worked best for us.

“Remember that any holiday tradition or magical moments can be tweaked to fit your vibe and lifestyle. So keep it fun and genuine to your family.” -JESSICA Wooten

We keep toys small to maybe some hot wheels or something similar based on age. To hype them up for waking up the next morning on Christmas, but not to crazy that it keeps them up all night.

The rest is family fun together and experience gifts for that night. Kinda like a box of memories to make before bedtime.

I hope the three ways I love to make the holiday magical helped you find ways to do it in your own home. You can do all of them or just the ones that fit your family. I definitely say to think about it and give them all a try. You might love something you wouldn’t normally thing you would or haven’t tried before.

For us it’s Santa’s Letter’s and I’m so excited to try them out this year.

I love that they donate 10% of all their proceeds to Toys For Tots (you can check out the details of their donations here) and I think you should. When a small business gives back its really incredible and makes me want to support them even more.

Cyber Monday opportunity!

If you quickly scrolled to the bottom for the recap I made sure to include it just for you.

My 3 Favorite Ways To Make Santa Extra Magical For My Kids

  1. Certified Letter From Santa
  2. Santa’s Elves
  3. Christmas Eve Box

Thank you for stopping by to check out how we do things over here in our family and I hope you stick around to find all the amazing things I have in my blog. Lots of fun things!

Until next time, live a magical life.

Xo Jessica!

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