Mornings Are Easier When You Have Post CHIPS AHOY!® Cereal For Breakfast

Thank you Post for sponsoring this post. Post CHIPS AHOY! ® cereal has a new taste, backed by a “love it or it’s free” guarantee.

*This post is sponsored by Post Chips Ahoy but all opinions are my own.*

Post CHIPS AHOY!® Cereal for breakfast? That’s what I’ve been asking my kids lately. At first they looked at me a little confused, not really sure if I was serious or just joking around. But of course they said yes.

That’s when I pulled out our new box of Post CHIPS AHOY!® cereal. My kids’ eyes lit up and they got so excited. Sometimes for dessert after dinner my kids will get to enjoy a cookie and a glass of milk. So for them to have the option to have a bowl full of cereal that tastes like cookies and milk. They were beyond excited.

They are new and improved and if you’d like to check them out for yourself just click here (link to Cereal) and you’ll be re-directed directly to them.

I’m going to let you in on two secrets too…

1. They are really… really good!

2. They make our mornings 100% easier!

My oldest is starting to venture into more morning independence when it comes to Post CHIPS AHOY!® cereal for breakfast. He’s learning to pour his own cereal and milk, along with his brothers too.

The fun part about this new Post CHIPS AHOY!® cereal. Is that they make great additions to many other breakfast ideas too.

Planning to make pancakes or donuts one day? Then this cereal would make the perfect topping! Even set it up so your littles get to do the decorating. It would be so much fun.

Now that I’ve shared with you my secret weapon to making out mornings easier. I thought I’d share how it works for us and our days. So you can see how they are the perfect mom hack!

So Monday thru Thursday is our busiest homeschool days, with Friday being a bit more relaxed and free flow. So during our busiest days I like to start our mornings off with our Post CHIPS AHOY!® cereal. My oldest making the bowls of course. He loves doing it!

While he’s pouring everyone’s bowls. My second oldest is in charge of gathering up all the spoons for everyone and setting the table. My third son gets the honor of just hanging out and waiting for breakfast to take place, although he loves to help too.

Now while my children are eating their Post CHIPS AHOY!® cereal for breakfast I will play their first audio book of the day. They love their cereal so much that it keeps them always taking the next bite. Which means less talking over their audiobook and more listening. Mom win for sure! Especially because I like to have them retell me what they remember.

Can’t forget to share my littles enjoying my be of their favorite parts about breakfast… it’s one of mine too!

The left over milk, or in their case midway through finishing it. My kids love how the milk picks up the flavor of the cookies and creates a yummy and fun taste that they get to enjoy. With the added bonus that they don’t need drink cups. They can just sip some of their cereal milk… which means less morning dishes for this mama.

Now I hope I helped you find your next breakfast go-to- item to make your mornings easier. Post CHIPS AHOY!® cereal is for sure to do just that and keep a smile on your little ones faces.

P.S. you can thank me later!

Until next time, Live a life you love.

Xo Jessica!

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