How To Have A Minimalist Diaper Bag With TWO In Diapers

Packing a Diaper bag? Your going to have one when you have a little. Whether your have one now or are expecting… a diaper bag is part of your future. Your definitely going to need something to carry all their little things around… and a giant mom purse doesn’t cut it. Just go ahead and stick that wallet of your in your diaper bag… it’s going to live there for a while.

Diaper bags don’t have to be excessive. Google and Pinterest can give misleading guidelines to what you need in your bag. Some moms have crazy essentials and not all that is necessary. Find what works for you!

First and foremost fins a cute diaper bag you love… splurge a little and find one that fits you… its going to be a part of your daily life for a longgggg time.

I myself prefer a shoulder carry one over the back pack style kind. Not all restrooms having changing tables so you will occasionally be changing a baby standing up. Which also means you may not have a location to set your diaper bag down. So a shoulder one is easier to maneuver and grab items from it while standing and trying to grab items from it.

I’ve gone through four different brands before falling in love with Skiphop. One brand even being “Diaper Dudes” ( my hubbies request) it was a messenger bag style which is nice but the compartments weren’t really big enough or accessible. So far Skiphop have has the most functional and cutest bags I’ve seen. I have their Grand Central one and I LOVE it!! It is big enough for two in diapers and but also big enough to hold 3 Little’s stuff!!

I don’t like clutter so I keep the items in my diaper bag to a minimal list. Only what we need or will wish we had on hand. Our basic staple items we always keep in our car trunk (change of clothes, diy first aid kit, sunblock + bug spray) we keep them in an old diaper bag and and a back of the seat organizer.

Trust me… I’ve had three Little’s in a four year span and this list has remained very similar each time. I don’t need excessive in my life. I’ll save the over packing for long distance trips.

My Diaper bag essentials…


Ok this is a must… otherwise it’s not a diaper bag… it’s just a purse! My two in diapers are currently in size 3 and 4 and we are Huggies brand users… so we keep about 10+ diapers of each size in our bag. amazon prime is life for us and we get our diapers on autoship and refuel it as needed with diapers.


Yes also a diaper bag staple! I used to use those cute carry wipe cases but they don’t hold much. I don’t know about you but I’m not big on constant diaper bag refills. Bare minimal also include reduced diaper refilling. So we now just use the disposable refill packs that come in a box of like 9… also by huggies.


If your Little’s are anything like mine then their little bottom is extra sensitive. So we always keep diaper rash cream for the off chance that they began to start a rash outside of being at home we can start treating it right away. We’ve used Desitin with all our Little’s and swear by it! We’ve used other in the past including California baby and it has always hurt our Little’s bottoms. Happy bottoms are a moms saving grace.


I just use the one that comes with my diaper bag. I’ve had several other off brands that I tried keeping in my bag but the one it comes with is perfectly fine. It’s made for the bag you have and usually fits so perfectly in one of the pockets. I just keep it where it was set at I’m a typical lap diaper changer because of cooties so I rarely use our diaper changing pad. But it does come in handy.


Not your typical kind. The old school kind. I use them for burn cloths or cleaning up random things that come out of my children or the things my children children may come in contact with. I’ve also used them at the park to dry the rain water off slides to prevent soaked and muddy bottoms. Wet muddy bottoms are the leading cause to diaper rash situations in my experience. So dry that slide up!


I love these covers! I got mine from FiddleDiddles and I love them. They are so soft!!! An all in one cover is a nursing cover, a scarf, a car seat cover, a shopping cart cover + a high chair cover all in one! It is so versatile I can use it for almost anything! It’s even perfect for taking that infant seat in and out of the car in rainy weather too without getting a soaked infant! I’ve even used it at the beach to protect my little from those harsh Sun rays!!


We carry just one light weight breathable Muslim blanket. It’s big enough for any of my Little’s to use which makes it a perfect diaper bag item. They are seriously my favorite style of blankets, I wish they were this well known and popular with my first. They are super soft and light weight and perfect for humid climates. They also make for the perfect swaddle blankets too. We use them daily… especially when our first was a newborn!


My youngest is at his teething stage so I keep this teether on a pacifier clip in my bag so anytime he needs to go to town on it I can just whip it out and attach it to him. I don’t do the whole pacifier wipes things so the clip helps Keep it from dropping on the ground.


For me I never know when or will I’ll need to baby wear… on a walk, in the store or etc. So I always keep this in my bag. It’s small and easy to put on and use. Best part is I made it myself so it’s customs to me! If you plan to make one of your own Sling Rings is the best place to purchase your rings!


Yeah… yeah I know, this one probably makes me seem a little crazy but these are life savers! We don’t eat out a ton but when we do these are my saving grace to feeing my baby and not having him try to grab food off a glass plate or the dirty table. We had a reusable one but honestly no one wants to that extra thing around when these exist. Any time I go to Chick-Fil-A I always grab a couple extra to have and use as needed.

Aside from those 10 items I always have a couple cars or toys in our diaper bag also. They help keep our Little’s entertained during doctor appointments or long waits we may encounter.

Now if your a mom your probably thing what about drinks or snacks. Why yes they go in our bag too. But they are only included as we need them. I’ll pack a baggie of snacks for each little and grab a drink cup for each little depending on our need for it. But they always come right back out as soon as we get home and aren’t always in it. So for them I don’t consider them staples.

What do you carry in your diaper bag? Similar, different or not even one at all… comment below and share. Want to know when my next post goes live… scroll down and subscribe.

Until next time.


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