Low + No Carb Beverages

New year, new you, new goals + no carbs!Not really no carbs because you’d mostly likely starve to death lol. But seriously if your on the low carb or keto kick then your probably crazy something else besides water. I know I was and definitely my husband!So below I’m listing some low or no carb drinks.Energy DrinksBang!This is the only energy drink I know of that is 0 carbs. It tastes good too and I’m a picky drink person. It’s actually almost a little to sweet for me.MilkAlmond milk!If you get the unsweetened kind then it’s only 1 carb per cup. You can get original or vanilla flavored. It doesn’t taste like regular milk but it does give you something other than water to drink. My kids think it tastes like watered down chocolate milk. Flavored Drinks Fresca! This is really good. We’ve tried all 3 flavors and approve of each one. These are my husbands new go to drink now that he’s not drinking actual soda anymore. They are 1 carb per can Crystal Light! Another yummy drink. It’s not carbonated so it’s more like a koolaid or juice drink. Just without the sugar. These also have carbs! Bubly! This is a carbonated drink. It has 0 carbs but I can’t vouch for it as I don’t like it. It’s gross and the sparkling water part is the strongest flavor in it. GROSS! But you may light it so try it out. The unusual option Pickle Juice! Some love it and some don’t. We are the ones that do. We get kosher dill spears and they are 0 carbs! Win! Snack and a drink in one! I hope this found you some great alternatives to rock your low carb lifestyle! If you have any i didn’t mention please share them below. I’d love to check them out.
Until next time Xo!

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