Kids Night In Box | Winter Wonderland

If you missed my post last month…. my hubby and I got our first ever Date Night In Box! It was the best. It came us a date in with out having to find a baby sitter or make plans! It came all in one box! So this month we opted to try out the Kids Night In Box. WE LOVE IT! My kids had an absolute blast with it! Every thing you needed was right in the box! Down to the paint brush! This one was Winter Wonderland themed and all about snowflakes! It came with a book about snow and even had talking points to ask your littles before and after you read it! I love that! I’m always stuck on how to ask my kids these questions. It came with a breakfast recipe to make and the ingredients to make a snow ice recipe! There was two craft projects in it with both being snowflakes and one for a handprint ornament! It came with 1 paper to make one snowflake with tissue paper but to make it fun I cut it in half so my boys could each do their own. I also did this with the 2nd craft. It was pipe cleaners and beads. Which they have been playing with ALL day long! The third craft I used for my one year old since he was to young to participate in the painting and bead one! I love that it fit all my kids ages. They are 1,3 & 6! If you want to try it out for your family click here! Below are some pictures of my older two boys having a blast making their snow flakes. I forgot to capture me and my youngest making his ornament. But it was a blast! Have you tried a Kids Night In Box before? What was your favorite thing? Comment below and tell me!
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