Jack and Link organic wooden toys + Why we love them!

If we’ve ever talked about littles and toys then you know wood toys for my littles have my heart! Especially when they are crafted with love!Toys made from the earth are the best toys you can get your littles ever. You are literally bringing a piece of nature into your home and nothing gets better than nature in our homes! Nature is what surrounds us and grounds us. So why not make it part of your everyday play!When I first discovered Jack and Link I immediately fell in love and knew we had to have their pieces in our home and in my littles hands! They are timeless and will always be a part of our playroom staples. Even when my littles grow up they will still be here waiting for the hands of my grandchildren to make memories with. To embrace the nature of earth they are formed from. If you’ve never heard of Jack and Link then go check them out here. Or directly at their website www.jackandlink.com Their items are made from All Kiln Dried Wood. It’s an exotic and sustainable hardwood. They are 100% organic and WASHABLE! I love that they are made with no artificial dyes and sealed with food grade organic white beeswax! You can read more about the materials they use here. And here’s a screen shot directly from their site of what they offer! Literally something for every little! Seriously I never have to worry about my youngest little chewing or teething on his toys! No artificial paint that will chip off or sealant that can cause him to get sick! We got the all natural mable wooden car and the dinosaur wooden wand. We fell in love immediately! Little O will drive his car around all day… it’s so freaking cute how much he loves it! His wand! Omg he looks like a little wizard with all his baby babble spell casting he does! Little D, my three old is obsessed with our dinosaur wand! I swear it’s his favorite toy! So if you’ve been on the fence about going organic for toys then I assure you it’s definitely worth it and Jack and Link make for the perfect first option! Their toys won’t let you down and neither will their customer service or lifetime warranty! Use “WELCOMEBACK” to save 10% off your order! Thank you for being such an awesome company and providing toys that are so safe for my littles to enjoy everyday!
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