Interchange Baby Milestone Cards Free Printable

That’s first year of life with your little goes by so fast. It’s like in the blink of an eye you go from having a newborn to having a toddler. And all of a sudden you forget how tiny they used to be!

The best way to track their growth is monthly pictures. There’s a variety of ways you can do this. You can get a milestone blanket, you can download apps to place stickers, you can use a letterboard. Or you can join my newsletter and get access to my free printable milestone cards.

They are found in my free resource library and the password and link to it is included with each email. Along with any other freebies I have in my library.

It comes with 12 decorated cards and 26 dates. 13 with numbers wrote out and 13 with the numbers spelled out.

You can laminate them to use for multiple kids if you like. I just printed mine out on card stock and keep them put up until I need them. 

They are very simple but cute so they can easily match any theme or decor you want to add along with them.

If you decide to use them let me know. I’d love to see your little as they grow. And I’d really appreciate some feed back also. So comment below and share with me what you loved or wish I’d change. 

Thank you for being here! 


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