Intentional Self Care Routine And A Free Printable Habit Tracker To Keep You Focused

In 2020 I had big goals and dreams and well some I accomplished and some just didn’t make the cut. And one of the things that didn’t quite make the cut was my self care. I started the year off being a mom of four with my youngest being 3 months old so it’s pretty safe to say sleep and me time were things that happened very often. Now don’t get me wrong I knew that and I’m okay with that. This is just the season I was in. I just didn’t expect it to surpass his first birthday of my still slacking at my self care.

So this year I plan to make a change and focus on myself a little bit more. It’s not going to be easy and I’m going to have to be very aware and possibly even schedule out time. But I’m worth it and my family deserves the best of me, not what’s left of me. So below I’m going to share a couple things that I plan to include in my selfcare routine on a regular basis to just give myself some tlc and I encourage you to step up your self care game too. Especially if it took a dive last year because your worth it too.

Do my hair weekly

If you looked at me in a regular basis you wouldn’t believe if I told you I used to be a professional hairstylist for 12 years before we moved states. My hair since having four kids has definitely taken a major back burner and I need to get back to keep up with my color or even just blow drying and styling my hair. Even if just once a week.

Get dressed more often

I’m a sucker for spending my days in my pjs unless I have to get dressed. Which adds to the slump and no momentum to strive for my self care. So to help encourage me to keep up with my goals I need to get dressed in real clothes more often. Yes leggings count but ok pants don’t.

Declutter my home

I’m usually pretty could with keeping up with my home and have a cleaning routine I follow. You can find my normal routine here. It’s super mom friendly and based on some cleaning. But I haven’t decluttered my home or gave it a deep clean in so long. Thanks 2020 for your support. So for part of my self care I need to take care of my surroundings so my mind is at ease and not stressed.

Be intentional with my time

I’ve fallen into a slump with leads me to wasting time and just bumming it out on a regular basis. Which is definitely not something that aligns with how I want to live my life. I’m very big with giving myself grace during this stage in my life. But it’s definitely time for me to re-evaluate and be more intentional with my time.

Be cautious of the food I’m eating

Ohh this one got so bad during 2020. We are so used to eating fresh fruits and veggies but during the beginning months of corona and quarantine I was more focused on the longevity of the items I was purchasing for us to consume than I was the quality of them. We needed to have food last us during any sudden amount of needing to quarantine spontaneously for 14 days for a family of 6. But now that we have a good amount of canned goods saved up for the next “oh shit” moment life gives us all. I’ll be ready. So for now we are going back to focusing on clean eating and less processed. I’m sure my body is going to thank me.

Paint my nails monthly

So I painted my nails for Christmas and realized that it had been over a year since the last time I painted them. And my nail polish needs some major decluttering. It’s definitely showing it’s lack of being used. So I had asked my hubby for new nail polish for Christmas so I can up my self care game and be a little girly once in a while. I’m surrounded by 5 boys all day long.

My hubby actually had just decided as I was writing this that we will go back to one of our older routines where we each get a set day of the week that’s our day to have a break. It’s during the week since weekends are family time. And kinda gives us a break for alone time. He might play games uninterrupted and I might take a nap or paint my nails. Or even blog. We don’t typically have a set amount of time but it will probably be around the hour range. Since we are squeezing it between dinner and our kids bedtime.

If your looking for 5 ways to treat your self this month that are free then you should head over and check out my blog where I talk about 5 ways to do that.

5 Free Ways To Treat Yourself This Month

Or if your needing something to help you stay accountable and track your selfcare I’ve created a free printable habit tracker. You can use it to track your self care routine along with anything else you’d love to track on a regular basis.

If you’d love to snag my free printable habit tracker then just head to my sign up for below or on my side bar to join my tribe and you’ll gain access to it and all my awesome freebies in my vault of goodies. After you sign up, head to your email for the link and password and welcome along this journey of life with me.

So there you have it… how I plan to give myself some tlc this year and make myself a priority. And I really encourage you to do the same. Because we are worthy of being cared for to. Comment below and let know what you plan to do this year for yourself or if you grab my habit tracker!

Until next time. Live a life you love.

Xo Jessica!

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