How To Decorate For Halloween On A Budget That’s Kid Friendly

Tis the season to start decorating for one of my favorite seasons of all, Halloween. Especially now that my kids are getting a little older and really enjoying all the fun holiday themed things.

They especially loved to be surprised. So I had them hang out in their playroom while I decked our living room out in all the fun decorations I scored at Party City. For a steal too! The total of everything cost less than $100!

So if your needing some not so spooky or even spooky Halloween decor then head to your local Party City or even order online. They offer in store pick up and online ordering. I personally love to shop for decor in person so I can visualize it all coming together.

So what did I score? Well all the fun kid friendly things to make our living room feel like a not so scary haunted room. Filled with things my kids would love. But also with things that are baby safe also. Since I still got little ones learning to walk around.

This is a list of the items I used to decorate with.

Now my Halloween go to decor colors for Halloween always end up being black and white with a touch of purples, greens and oranges. So if you check out the items listed above you will see they fit into that. If your a black and white Halloween decorator too, then they will look perfect in your home.

For our livingroom decor I started off with using the haunted house tape to create the scene as a do not enter zone. I think this really helped set the tone for my kids. It separated our livingroom fun from the rest of the house.

Then I started to decorate the shelf behind our couch. I knew I wanted to cover this entire area in spider webs. Because well spiderwebs are creepy, especially when they cover a giant area.

Bonus is that this shelf is filled with frames that have corners so it made for the perfect spider web coverage. If you be never used fake webbing then you might unaware that you actually need something to latch it onto. So all those corners were perfect.

I then moved over to our largest window in our living room and draped the creepy cloth over it and hung the bats in it. These bats have an adhesive if you want to attach them to anything. But I just propped the tips of their wings into the cloth and they hang on it just fine.

Next I started on the wall behind our television. This is the largest blank wall in our living room. So I knew this would be the perfect space to make all the things pop out and come together.

First off I needed to obviously do something with our TV. And I’m sure my Husband wouldn’t approve of removing it. So I got giant googly eyes and attached them to it. Now we have a rectangle TV monster!

Next I placed the witches broom over our TV and placed our “floating” witch hats along the wall. To hang them I just used a safety pin at the point of the hat. Tied some twine around it and used a tack to attach it to the roof. Pretty simple but makes for a fun and cute little friendly spooky look.

My kids thought the floating hats were the best things ever and I couldn’t agree more.

Now it’s time to start decorating the rest of the wall. I placed are bigger Skelton in the corner. We already have a plant hook there so it only seemed fitting that he filled that spot.

Then I took our yarn ghost garland and draped it in the space between our tv and the witch broom. I had it arch up a couple times to help keep the spooky vibe. And to also keep it high enough to where little hands can’t reach it.

Now on to fun part of filling in all the spaces to bring it all together. I started with placing the four big tinsel spiders around. I put two on the wall behind our tv and two behind our couch. I attached them to the wall with picture hanging nails. But they also come with an elastic band. So you can hang them also.

Then I took our bat cut outs and just mixed them into all the places that looked a little empty. I really love the look of them mixed in. They would even look cute on the wall alone to. If your not trying to create an entire decorated look like I did.

Next up was our windows. We love to open our curtains and have the natural light shine in. So I knew we needed some windows clings to give them some spook appeal. When I saw these spider ones at Party City I knew they would be perfect. Especially with all our spider webs everywhere.

And to finish off the entire scene before I let my kids come out and enjoy their not so spooky haunted living room. I used the spider web candy blown and filled it with candy and set it on our ottoman. I mean is it even even considered a Halloween haunted house if there aren’t ghoulish treats to enjoy.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope I was able to help you find some really amazing Halloween decor items that don’t break the bank and don’t scare your littles ones.

Also don’t forget that Party City offers online ordering for an in store or curbside pickup. Which ever is most convenient for you.

Until next time, Live a life you love!

Xo Jessica!

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