How To Decorate For Christmas Like A Minimalist

Since it’s almost Christmas time and I’ve noticed everyone is skipping over Thanksgiving and hoping right into decorating for Christmas. Which I don’t blame them. Christmas is so fun to decorate for. But I still need to take down our Halloween decor first.

But since everyone’s decking their homes I wanted to touch base of. He isn’t as decor and how to have a minimalist mindset about it by sharing some tips.

Now I didn’t get to where I am over night. It took lots of forget thinking and saving things for maybe one day to use. I started this journey back in 2017 so I’ve learned new ways to doing things and want to share them with you.

Every journey starts somewhere so just go at your own pace and what works for you. The journey is the fun part too.

So how to keep your Christmas simple and minimal

Don’t crowd your home

I know it’s so easy to want to grab all the pretty things and throw them in your cart. But before you do. Think about how and where each piece will be displayed. And if if your not sure then maybe you don’t really need it. 

Use decor from nature

A while back I collected a bunch of mini pinecones and my kids and I are going to string them and make a cute holiday garland with them. (Diy blog coming soon) 

Shop your home

You’d be surprised but what decor you already have in your home that could easy double as part of your holiday decor. It might help set it off to blend into your homes decor vibe even more. 

Less is more

If you’ve never heard this saying before… well now you have. And it is so true. Less is alwaysssss more with the right mindset. So when decorating. Start with less. Only buy items you really love and have a place for. And wait to add until you’ve put it all together. You might actually love it with less. 

Make edible decor

I know I know! Your probably thinking edible decor…. what! But it’s so fun! You and your kids can string popcorn and Cheerios and make such a cute garland. That if you really wanted to you could eat eventually. Or toss out to the wild animals or neighbors cat. 

I’m going to be making with my boys so keep an eye out for that fun Diy.

Now I hope you learned a couple tips To help you rock your decor this year and how to keep things simple. If you decide to post any decor photos on social media. Tag me I’d LOVE to see them! You can find on Instagram at @mama_bear_wooten

Until next time. Live a life you love!

Xo Jessica!

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