HOORAY For Personalized Christmas Gifts!

Have you started Christmas shopping yet? If not the. It’s getting into count down mode! Especially if you like to gift personalized gifts!
One of my all time favorites for my littles is Hooray Heroes personalized books! Their books can be customized so the characters can look just like your littles! So FUN! They just recently came out with their Christmas Edition and we had to have it! My older two have the siblings books so we got this holiday one for our youngest! Click here to order your own! I love that they let you add a little dedication page! Make it even more personal. Here’s a couple of our favorites from our book! You get to choose 10 stories to make it custom you and your traditions. You also have the option to get a gift box! It’s not just a gift box though! It’s a fun game for you and your family to enjoy! All you need is a die. Which if you don’t have one they have a printable one for you to use. What I really love about Hooray Heroes is that along with their awesome personalized books they offer a printable coloring book… and it’s free! Click Here to get their Christmas edition! Have you ordered your own yet? If not you definitely need to! Use code WOOTEN15 for 15% off your order! Until next time XO! ]]>

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