High School Sweethearts to Husband and Wife

Cheers to 14 years with the love of my life! My best friend! My rock! The man that has made my entire world of dreams come true!I truly found my soulmate in him and can’t wait to grow old with him and reminisce over our life, our kids and our adventures we took! Memories babe! We are making them everyday and I cherish them all! It’s crazy how fast time goes! Especially when you throw children in the time line! Every day I wake up and I love him even more! He is seriously my best friend! I tell him everything… when I remember haha! I blow up his phone all day long… with questions about our life, randomness, or omg you didn’t take out the trash! But all because I miss him and wish I spent every single second with him! Although sometimes my crazy moody texts don’t always portray that. Married life I guess haha. So because we celebrated our 14 years together and 8 years married on November 12th I wanted to share some fun facts about us you might not know. 22 to be exact because 14 + 8 = 22! I could share our moments for a list that’s 100 miles long… but I’m just going to choose the first ones that come to mind. 1. We are highschool sweethearts! 2. He was my prom date 3. We didn’t go to his prom 4. We started dating on 11/12/04 5. He proposed on a cruise ship on our 5 anniversary! 11/12/09 6. We got married a year later on 11/12/10 7. Our honeymoon was to Haiti + Jamaica 8. I’m still wearing our friendship bracelet from Haiti.. have never taken it off except I’m the beginning to change wrists! 9. His broke 😭 10. In high school we had ISS together (in school suspension) 11. We rode the same bus 12. He is my little brothers best friend… I made them real bros! 13. On our first anniversary date I pretended to choke and he smacked the shit out my back trying to save my life 14. During our first kiss I stepped on his foot 15. We bought our first home in 2010 before we got married 16. We used to work together. He was a retail stocker and I was a cashier manager… I joked that I was his boss! I wasn’t! 17. We had a shared bank account before we got married 18. Neither of us like cleaning! 19. We both wanted a girl… we got 3 boys! 20. We don’t get along when I’m pregnant! 21. We both want to own a ranch one day and pass it onto our boys 22. We got anniversary tattoos on our 1st wedding anniversary. Heres some photos of us through the 14 years we’ve been taking on this life journey as a team! I hope you enjoyed reading about us and some of our moments we’ve shared. And have enjoyed seeing us through the years! We have plenty more to make. What’s some fun things about your relationship you’d like to share… comment below!
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