Grinch Dust Recipe For Your Christmas Eve Box Plus A Free Printable

One of my favorite things about being a mama is the magic I get to help encourage my littles to see. A child’s imagination and belief is one of the most beautiful things in this life and it at any time I get the chance to help it sparkle just a little bit more I will.

The other day while scrolling through Pinterest on the hunt for something fun I ran across a “grinch dust” pin. Which automatically made my DIY mama heart freak out just a bit. So I put my mama mind to work. I knew this was going to be the perfect addition to our Christmas Eve box.

“10 Simple Ideas Of What To Include In Your Christmas Eve Box”

I loved the pin and the label they had created but it just wasn’t for me. It was very colorful and pretty. But I’m a big fan of white space and simplicity and had already had an idea for my reindeer food label that I decided to go ahead and make a grinch one to match it.

Which also means you get access to both!

“DIY Reindeer Food Recipe With A Free Printable Label”

Now you might be thinking “what the heck is Grinch Dust”? Well it’s a magic green dust that you sprinkle in your yard to keep the Grinch from trying to steal your holiday joy. I think this would be an extra fun magical moment.

Maybe watch the movie the night before or the morning of Christmas Eve. So your littles are fresh up on “How the Grinch stole Christmas” you know set the tone to have them wanting to use the dust.

Now I know with all the different recipes out on Pinterest I could have gone crazy. But I decided to just use what I have around the house. Green Sprinkles + Glitter! But for my liking that wasn’t enough. I need a “filler” in mine to make the bag a little extra plump since both glitter and confetti are on the tiny pieces side.

So I made my own green confetti to add. All I did was take a piece of green construction paper cut it into like 1/4 inch strips and then cut those strips to make tiny little squares/rectangles. Nothing to exact just tiny pieces. And added it to the bag with the glitter and sprinkles. It’s paper so it’s biodegradable and you don’t have to worry about it just hanging in your yard.

For the quick run down of how to make it… you know Incase you want to screenshot the details here’s the ingredient list and how to…

What you need:

  • Sprinkles + Glitter
  • Construction paper for DIY confetti
  • Ziplock bags
  • Scissors (to cut confetti)
  • My printable label

How to make it:

  1. Cut up your construction paper to confetti size
  2. Mix the confetti, colored sprinkles and glitter.
  3. Prep your ziplock bags. *tip* I like to flip the zip seal part of my bag outward to help keep the bag open and then squish the bag down some so it sits up. I’ll include a photo down below.
  4. Scoop your mixed ingredients into the bags. You don’t need much. Just enough for a couple tiny hands to toss.
  5. Close it up and tape your bag to match the size of the label. For mine I had to fold them over to make the bag less wide and then fold the top down to make them shorter.
  6. Take some double sided or back to back rolled tape (how ever you explain that) and place it on the inside of your label closes to the edge.
  7. Place your filled baggie inside and close your label over it. Enjoy!

To get my free printable label you will need access to my “FREE RESOURCE LIBRARY”. To get access to it you just need to join my tribe and I’ll send the password right over. Then I can also keep you updated on all the next goodies and fun things I’ll be sharing.

If you use them tag me on Instagram at @mama_bear_wooten and let me know! I’d love to see the magic happening in your home and how much your littles love it!

Also don’t forget if you have any fun requests that’s you’d like to see on my blog to comment below and tell me! Until next time though babe!


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