Free Rae Dunn Inspired SVG’s For Canisters And Spice Jars

If you’ve ever seen any of my decor posts or recipe posts then you know I’m a Rae Dunn collecting mama. I’ve been collecting for years. Back when trading was top notch because there weren’t as many pieces on the market as they push out now.

So you’d hunt for your Dunn Buddies and they would hunt for you and then you’d trade out. I met some of the nicest dunners this way.

But Rae Dunn pottery isn’t everyone’s cup of tea or mug. But the font is simply irresistible. So even if you don’t collect you might still want to incorporate her font onto your canisters that you do use.

So that’s what inspired me to create these Rae Dunn inspired SVG’s. For all you Rae Dun font lovers out there.

I did just the basic canisters that we all might use already and some spices.

Now she has spice jars you can buy. I actually have some. But they just don’t cover all the spices in my cabinet. So I decided to make one for all the ones I have Incase anyone else needs more that just the couple she offers.

Now if you’d like to see these SVG’s in action I’ve created some mockups using my own personal Rae Dunn canisters and you can find them below.

Spice Jars


If your feeling as obsessed with these as I am. Then I’m sure your ready to download them and get started crafting.

So to get them all you need to do is join my VIP tribe and they are all yours. Along with tons and tons of other free SVG’s and goodies.

Ohh count me in! I’m loving these and want them!

Now I hope you enjoy decking your kitchen out with all these super cute Rae Dunn inspired SVG’s. They make the best simple decor.

Until next time, Live a life you love.

Xo Jessica!

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