Free Printable Elf On The Shelf Sized Board Games

When it comes to Elf On The Shelf season I tend to get really excited. It’s all about the magic and make believe and watching my kids light up each day as they go and hunt him down and find what he’s been up to that night.

So to make things super fun I’m always making all kinds of free Printables for him. I’ve made letterboards, scavenger hunts, I’m back and be good banners and even a cheat sheet of ideas with a printable calendar to plan your days.

We are really big into board games this year and a couple months ago we got our boys the twister game and they absolutely loved it. They loved it so much that I knew I had to make one for our elf.

And well one thing led to another and I made 3 more elf sized board games. They are all elf sized so yo can prop him playing them. Either solo or with some other toys around the house.

The twister is big enough for him to actually be posed on and the board games are smaller to replicate what a game board his size would be. Once I pull out our elf I plan to take lots of fun photos with him. But he’s currently packed away for now.

Board Games Included

Elfopoly (Monopoly)

Elf Twister

Elf Land (Candyland)

Elf Life (The Game Of Life)

If you want to snag these fun elf sized game boards then all you need to do is join my tribe and you will get access to all my super fun Printables and SVG’s that are in my free resource library. It is packed full! Also I don’t spam email… which means I’m not going to be blowing up your email every time I have a new blog.

I want these free Elf sized board games!

I hope you and your family and even your elf really enjoy these board games. And I hope you take pictures and share! If your on Facebook tag me at mama.bear.wooten or on instagram at mama_bear_wooten. I’d love to see your elf in action!

Until next time, Live a life you love!

Xo Jessica!

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