Free Halloween And Fall SVG Files To Use With Your Cricut Or Silhouette Machines

Once upon a time I was a cricut mom. Well technically I wasn’t even a mom when I got my first cricut. I wasn’t even married yet and actually my wedding was the entire reason I got my first cricut. The expression back in 2009. It’s about 11 or 12 years old now. Geez! 

I used it to make almost everything for my wedding. Even down to cutting out my own envelopes for our save the dates. I’ve used it for birthday parties and holidays and ohh so many things. 

I loved creating my own designs to make or using others for inspo with some tweaking to fit my vibe. So I was always making SVG files. I would then submit them to the forum I was in way back when for others to use also. 

It’s actually been a while since I’ve pulled out my cricut and cut anything, let alone created an SVG file. And well since I’m currently filling up my free resource library full of all kinds of free printables and printable home decor. I figured why not turn some of those home decor pieces into SVGs. To you know help those who have and love to use their cricut or silhouette.

They can all be found in my free resource library and all are already in SVG format so need to do anything at all to them other than upload them to your program and get cutting. (Don’t forget to mirror them if your making shirts or any iron ones)

Here’s some of the Halloween SVG files you can find in my free resource library in action.

Shirt Placement Ideas

If you struggle with placement on shirts and want to do something fun besides just the center then here’s some ideas that make for really cute shirts using the same pictures. 

  • Across the center
  • On the left side pocket area
  • Same pocket area just different set up
  • Down the left or right side 

I hope you have a blast using these and making all kinds of things! If your on Instagram and make anything make sure you tag me so I can feature you and your creation in my stories. 

Until next time, Live a life you love!

Xo Jessica! 

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