Four Months Of Loving You Baby Barry!

It’s crazy how you’ve grown so much in such a short about of time! Your Four Months now and you sure are a chunker. Monday we had your check up and you are 18lbs of baby rolls. Or as I sometimes call you “ham roll”. Your biggest brother loves when I call you that!

Your almost ranking off the charts too. You are in the 90th percentile for weight and 99th for height. You might just be the biggest little brother of the crew!

Your hair is still looking darker than your brothers but your eyes are looking light like theirs. You all might have your Dadas eye color. Which I love by the way!

You love to laugh, everything makes you jump. You really loved to be held and carried around… especially when mama is trying to cook dinner. You really enjoy watching your brothers play and get so excited when they play with you. Dadas kisses always tickle you but you still just love them so much.

Your still loving to be swaddled most nights and have to have your white noise playing so you get a good nights sleep. You haven’t tried any food yet but you love to watch us all eat. 

One of your favorite times of the days is when your biggest brother comes home from school and has to read a book and he sits next to you and reads it to you. You just sit there quietly listening to all he is saying.

Your brother Dean is obsessed with your toes. He sneaks your socks off and plays with them any change he gets. And you love it!

You and Ollie hang out during the day but more if you just watching him run around with all his energy. But at nap time though… you two love to cuddle. It’s really the cutest!

Thank you for choosing us to be your family! We love you so much!

Love you Baby Bear! 

Xo Mama Bear!

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