First Day Of School Free Printable Signs

Good Morning + Happy August!

It’s time to get back to school ready. Which means lots of shopping and running around to do. Unless your like me and embracing the minimalist approach. School shopping was done online with free shipping and school supplies…… well we will be taking him to pick out his new backpack soon.

But to help calm the crazy especially if you have more than one little I made my printable back to school signs for you again. These are the same color and tones from previous years so they are going to match. For all you moms that are like me and love to have traditions.

For the blue/mint colored ones click the one below

Preschool to Twelfth Grade

Freshman to Senior

For the coral colored one click the one you need below

Preschool to Twelfth Grade

Freshman to Senior

I hope these had made your yearly pictures so much fun. I know I have enjoyed using them myself. I actually save them to put with my kids papers we saved from that year. I think this year we start having them write their name on the back so we can see it change. And…… maybe put their hand print on it. But after school so I’m not rushing around trying to not get paint on new clothes and everything around us.

Thanks for stopping by and if you don’t mind I’d greatly appreciate sharing these on your pinterest so all the other mamas out there looking for something similar can use them.

XO Jessica

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