Fall Cleaning List To Help You Create A Cozy Home

Whenever the season changes I always have the urge to clean. It’s like “spring cleaning” but for every season. Especially if I’m changing or bringing out holiday decor. It’s also the best time to purge and declutter things too. And I might put together a good fall purge list soon too. So keep an eye out.

So for myself this season I created a fall cleaning list. I’ve listed all the items below Incase you would like to use it for yourself. I’ve also created two free printables to go with it. One filled in with these items and one is blank for you to fill in yourself.

If you’d like to snag the free printables the. Just join my tribe and get access to every printable I’ve ever made and any new ones I make. I especially love to make printable home decor that you can find there. These printables will be under the “Fall | Halloween” tab in my vault of goodies.


  • Toss out expired items
  • Clean food trap in dishwasher
  • Wash trash can
  • Sweep + mop under appliances
  • Dust tops of cabinets + fridge
  • Organize pantry
  • Clean out refrigerator
  • Clean out oven


  • Wash shower curtain + liners
  • Dispose of outdated meds
  • Restock meds for winter sickness
  • Clean out drains

Living Room

  • Vacuum + clean furniture
  • Vacuum under furniture
  • Shampoo carpets
  • Clean out fire place
  • Wash curtains


  • Swap out seasonal clothes
  • wash curtains
  • Rotate mattresses
  • Vacuum under mattress
  • Vacuum under furniture
  • Wash bed skirts/covers/ pads


  • Organize drawers
  • Clean out old files
  • Shred old paperwork
  • Dust and clean computers
  • Dust shelves
  • Organize tax items


  • Clean out dryer vent
  • Clean air vents
  • Dust ceiling fans
  • Check smoke detectors
  • Clean curtains/blinds
  • Clean door frames, baseboards and doors
  • Remove cobwebs

Now that we got our homes in order it’s about time to light up our fall smelling candles. Kick back and get cozy!

I hope this list helped you tackle some areas you needed to do and some you didn’t know you did but that are done now.

Until next time… Live a life you love,


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