Fall Bucket List | Pumpkin Patch

Every year we love to hit up a pumpkin patch for fall we ones to carve or cute little gourds. We really just let our kids pick out the ones they love. We’ve always gone to the same one so when we moved we knew we needed to find a new place.

And ohh my heart eyes 100%. We picked the closest location of course and was hoping for the best. We’ve been to some that were ehh before. So we definitely had our fingers crossed.

Well little did we know that it was going to be an actual pumpkin patch! Like we literally got to pick our pumpkins right where they grew and still rooted. How fun!

So of course I had to capture some pictures as always and I’m here to share them. Scroll down if you want to see our first real pumpkin patch adventure.

I hoped you enjoyed the little snipers into our life and bucket list. Raising lovers of life and adventure over here.

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