11 Reasons Why I Say Yes To Doing Elf On The Shelf And Becoming An “ELF MOM”

If your a mom you’ve probably heard of “Elf On The Shelf“. You’ve either thought “yes count me in” or “no thanks I’ll pass”! I’m here to tell you why you should be the “count me in” mom and why I am.

Before I go to deep into elf talk I just want to touch base on our Holiday views and be clear where my personal opinions come from. It’s my blog so I can be as personal on my opinions as I want!

We aren’t very religious so for us the Christmas time of year is all about the magic and make belief! Santas real, his reindeer are real, the good or naughty list is real. If it’s magical… it’s real! Especially this time of the year! And that’s the way we like our traditions… MAGICAL!

As parents… my hubby + I want to instill as much magic into our children’s childhood memories as we can! One day they will grow up to fast! So for now magic and memories! Because of this we became those “yes count me in” parents faster than we could blink when it came time for the elf to enter our lives.

The elf isn’t going to last forever! Just like diapers… eventually they get potty trained! Unless your like me and pop out babies like it’s a hobby. Then some seasons may last longer than others. But honestly I’ll take the elf for to long instead of not at all!

So onto the part where I tell you why I vote be an elf mom!

1. It’s FUN! Like really fun! Pinterest has tons of crazy fun things you can make your elf do! We stick with the simple things. Simple is good! It’s how your start your elf that sets the pace for their expectations.

2. It doesn’t always have to be mischief! Our elf is kinda lazy! He will just move and doing nothing but move sometimes. 90% of the time if I’m being honest.

3. A lazy just moving elf is still fun for them! My 6 + 3 year old have for the last 3 years loved just finding him at his next hiding place! It’s like “elf hide and seek“!

4. The elf is like bribery... with out any treats! “He’s watching you for Santa so you better behave + clean your playroom”, “you better be nice or he’s going to tell Santa”. I’m a 100% for bribery mom! Works like a charm for the most part.

5. If we forget to move him… I 100% blame it on my kids! Our elf doesn’t move if my kids are naughty... or at least that’s what I tell them when we forget to move him. With 3 boys that are 6 and under someone’s always being naughty.. so they believe it! This makes my mom elf game so easy!

6. Our elf doesn’t bring a new “hey I’m back” gift! We save new gifts for birthdays, Easter, the St Patrick’s day leprechaun and Santa! What our elf brings is the same each year. A felt Christmas tree (mom made + super easy) from Santa. It’s to help them be good and not disrupt the real tree, while giving them something to play with.

It also teaches them to share with each other and respect their gift! Lost felt ornaments are lost! So take care of them or don’t have them! After Xmas we “mail” it back to Santa… because it’s not our felt tree it’s his and we respect others and their things!

7. Our elf doesn’t wear clothes! The damn thing is already wearing an elf outfit… so why does he need extra! Minimalism guys! It goes for everything including elf clothes. Although one year I may order him some or make him some. But when that time comes…. it will probably be related to such awesome behavior over the years!

8. The rule… don’t touch your elf or he loses magic is legit in our home! No one wants a lost elf. They aren’t cheap! With toddlers… things get lost fast! So we don’t touch ours or he will lose his elf magic.

My kids are little so we do high places to ensure this. Ceiling fans, curtain rods, book shelves or etc are always our go to places! If he does get touched we will probably do a warning message the next day. It has yet to happen though.

9. Childhood is short! Why not make the most of it for them! A magic elf isn’t so complicated… as explained above! It’s a one time cost that last years! It makes memories for years! Imagine that 20 year old elf on the shelf child of yours talking to you about how they really thought the elf was real! Priceless! Memories! All my mom motives are for the moments + memories!

10. It’s your family elf so you can make up the rules! YOU MAKE UP THE RULES! Not moving … that’s ok! You can touch him… that’s OK! It’s your elf and your family tradition… make it up as you want! Dude doesn’t ever move!!! Your rules! So it’s fine! He will just keep watch from the same spot!

11. Your elf your rules! Your elf doesn’t have to arrive when all the other kids elf’s do! Ours has been late so many times. Because we don’t unpack our holiday gear at the same time. Or one year I couldn’t find our felt tree! (Now we have two because I made a new one) But he needed more training from Santa and got here when he could! And that flies with kids! Moms late, they are tardy to school sometimes… LIFE! Kids recognize life!


My favorite thing about having an elf is they get to make up his name! They get to decide! Our first year our oldest named him “cat in the hat” because he was obsessed with cat in the hat at the time.

Each year I ask if they remember his name. And so does our elf with his “I’m back letter” which is hand written by me! No need to get fancy! They won’t remember fancy! So far they have remembered it. But if they don’t… we will rename him! Because our elf… our rules!

Do you do elf on the shelf! If yes comment why… if not… your lame but still comment why!

Until next time


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