Elf On The Shelf Sized Playing Cards Free Printables

If your an “Elf Mom” then I’m sure you’ve seen all the cute elf ideas out there. And one that tends to pop up often is the elf playing with cards. Well that got me thinking and I decided that we needed this kinda elf hobby in our home since we love playing cards.

But not just regular old cards… we needed elf sized cards so they can actually hold them and look realistic… kinda. So I decided to make a couple of games. Which also means you get to download and use them for your elf too. For free!

I decided to make three different versions so that you can download the ones that best fit your elf and home or all of them and have all kinds of fun. The three that I made are regular playing cards (the entire deck), uno cards (one of each color… not the entire uno game) and a matching game or goldfish game (themed around elf hats).

Because these will be very tiny once you cut them out. I decided to laminate mine to keep them sturdy and able to be used for years to come. I also knew that sometimes the cards will be faced down. So I made a red and a green striped background that you can print on the back side of your cards before cutting them out. So they have a cute elf vibed backing.

If you’d like to snag these free elf sized Printables then you just need to join my tribe and they are all yours along with all the other fun things I have in my free resource library.

Yes I want access please!

If you use these and decide to share on social media, be sure to tag me so I can share in my stories and let everyone see your elf in action.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you come back soon!

Until next time, Live a life you love.

Xo Jessica!

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