Easy Valentine’s Day Sweets Charcuterie Board

Have you been seeing those adorable holiday themed charcuterie boards floating around everywhere lately? If you haven’t then you have been missing out. They are so fun and absolutely adorable. AND my littles just love them, which makes me love creating them even more. We’ve been making them for all the holidays lately and I’m loving it. Definitely a tradition I’d love to keep around as my littles grow.

If your wanting to make one of your own then your in luck. Below I’m going to share what I included on ours, where to find the items, the basics of what you need to create your own for any holiday and then some tips to make it look cute.

When I plan ours I always hit up the holiday food section at any store I visit. Most of everything that I find to works usually comes from Target, Dollar Tree or Walmart. You can keep it as simple as you want or go all out crazy. You can create it around a snack, dessert or even a breakfast platter. Ours is about the sweets because it’s for my sweeties. So let’s get to it…

What’s Do You Need?

  • Tray/cutting board
  • Mini bowls

To create a charcuterie board all you really need is some type of tray or cutting board. I recommend using what you have on hand and not specifically going out to buy something for this unless you plan to make them more frequently than just holidays. And the. Some little bowls to hold the tiny things and give it some dimension and direction. I use my pinch and dash from my rae dunn collection and then a heart candy bowl I snagged at targets dollar spot. Get as creative as you want.

What’s On Ours?

Like I said I get the majority of our things at Target, Dollar Tree or Walmart. But realized that for this board I didn’t grab anything from Dollar Tree but it was all still cost effective.


  • X&O cookies
  • M&M’s
  • Heart Pretzels
  • Pink Reese’s Hearts
  • Hershey kisses
  • Heart Shaped Gobstoppers
  • Sour Patch kids hearts


  • Little Debbie Heart cakes
  • Heart chocolate covered pretzels
  • Red drizzled popcorn
  • Conversation heart cookies
  • Cotton candy

How To Set Up Your Board?

To start decorating your board I like to take my little bowls and place them randomly on my cutting board. Nothing particular but with enough room to put things between them. They are like the outline to your design.

I like to use the bowls to hold the little trinket tidbits that might otherwise fall, roll off or get lost in the shuffle of everything else. So fill them up first to put some weight into your bowls to help hold them in place as you build around them. It will also help you plan your colors if your into coordinating colors evenly.

Next start adding your things around your bowls. I like to follow the shapes of the bowls first. So in this case a circular pattern. Just to give is a detail and design look and make it cute. I used a sturdier treat that would hold itself into place so nothing got lost under the bowls rim.

Then I added the Debbie cakes to the edge in a circular pattern bumping right up to the Reece hearts. Since both have some weight and won’t budge easily on the board. This creates a type of barrier for your more wiggly/lose items.

After I created a barrier I then added in the pretzels and popcorn next to the cookies, bowl and above the border items. I outlined the tiny edge they came up to with Hershey kisses. I then added in the rest in the gaps or sections that needed to be filled.

I used the cotton candy to shape hearts and just lay around for some fun… because what kid doesn’t love cotton candy.

And there you have how I created our Valentines charcuterie board and why I put the things where I put them. It’s really simple to do and honestly really fun to create and see it all come together. I hope you decide to create one and enjoy it. Get festive and creative and then snack away at it. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Until next time, live a life you love!

Xo Jessica!

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