How To Set Up And Take Your Own Valentine’s Themed Pictures of your Kids

Themed photo shoots are so much fun! Every Mom should be doing them…they are so fun + easy! I’m a family and child photographer so photos…especially of your littles holds and important place in my heart.

I know not every mom can afford to pay a professional photographer to capture their littles every holiday so I’m going to show you how to DIY your own! Expect to see lots of photos below! I onlyhave about 1k of favorites from ours!

Seriously though!

It’s so easy and cheap to do your own! You need minimal props and a bribery system. I’m all about bribing my kids… especially for photos I will cherish daily!

Before we hop into the DIY part there will be some things you will need to purchase to do what I did. Trust me they are worth it. You can use the main one daily if you want and the holiday themed ones for vday minis yourself each year! Lots of my items are DIY and maybe one day I will share how to make them. Practically all were done before my blog started. So sorry that I don’t have the DIY for you to check out yet!

Still though you can do a mini shoot with no diy decor. So don’t stop reading here.

A phone shutter remote + tripod

You don’t necessarily need this for photos of them but it came in handy! I used it to capture them while I was dumping the petals on them. You can purchase it here. It’s for both Android or Apple phones and connects through Bluetooth. It will also allow you to hop into it to mama!

Valentine’s Themed Props

Flower petals

I used red then white, then mixed them.
Large DIY kisses

This gave them something to entertain them while I set up and while waiting for me to dump the petals on them.

X O X letters

These you can purchase at Joann’s, Michaels or Hobby Lobby.

Red/Pink Lipstick 
To cover them in kisses. My littles love this part!

A Banner

This just helps give it that fun themed mini session vibe. This was a DIY and I’ll have a post soon showing how to make it yourself!


Your going to have to give them an incentive to want to do it. We have a treasure box full of new toys they got to pick from. But only once completed and did a good job… no complaining.

A Blank Wall or White Sheet

I keep this wall always free of stuff because I like the simple look and I’m always taking photos of my kids. If you don’t have a blank wall. A draped white sheet will work. Just make sure the sheet comes to the floor and covers up the floor where they will be sitting. It will give it a seemless look. Don’t worry about making it smooth either. They will be moving and scrunch it up. Better to just accept this than try to fit it.

Your little humans!

Your going to need them to take pictures of them. Preferably in something cute and that matches the theme. I just did jeans and red shirts. My middle is wearing a Spider-Man shirt because he doesn’t own a plain red one. You can use anything you prefer I just recommend keeping it simple.


My top tips to make it successful!

• Don’t be to specific on telling them what to do. Kids are naturally candid + cute. So small guiding only. For mine it was sit closer and stay sitting. Other than that catch the petals and throw them in the air. Or blow kisses.
• Move fast. They won’t want to do this all day. They will be grumpy by the end.
• Take to many photos. You can delete what you don’t want after. But your going to get some cute candid ones… I promise!
• Open your front door and all the windows to get as much natural light as you can. Turn off your lights. They will make the photos look yellow. And plan to do the photos during the day. Mine were done right after school.

My set up

My set up was done before I called them out no had all the props I was going to use right there. Phone camera app open and shutter remote hooked up ready to snap away.

If you hold the button down it will take continuous pictures for you. I did this during the petals falling so I could pick my favorites from it. I have a bunch!


Your going to have to edit them to have the look you want. You can do it free hand or with mobile presets. I actually sell them so if you like mine go check them out here! They are 44% off until February 14th 2019! Making them only $8.50 with code “loveyou4ever”

Our Photos!

Here’s a big handful off all my favorites we got.

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my DIY tips to creating your own mini session ofyor littles. I hope this helped you and if you do it send me the photos on Instagram. Or tag me! I’d love to see wat you captured and created! You can find me on IG here!

Don’t forget to comment below and tell me about it too! Also if you don’t mind sharing to your Pinterest that would be so wonderful of you!

Until next time… Live a life you love!


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