DIY Twine Boho Rainbow Decor

When it comes to home decor I’m all about simple and DIY. I mean yeah you could buy it but there’s so much more fun with actually creating it. So today I’m going to share with you a super easy but cute twine boho rainbow. The best part is it only costs $1! Yes you read that right. I used wired twine I found at dollar tree.

If you can’t find wired twine you could even just use wire and wrap the completed rainbow with twine. Or even spray paint it. I be that would be adorable. So let’s get to this super simple DIY.

Items needed

  • Wired twine (from dollar tee)
  • Wire cutters (from dollar tree)


  1. Shape your twine into a rainbow size you like. You will want to warp it into a half oval followed by a straight line for the bottom (I was trying to use one twine for mine but go as big as you want.. just make sure to get extras for it)
  2. Connect your straight line to your beginning piece. Twist it up it a little bit. You can also leave an extra inch or so on your beginning piece to bend towards your bottom straight line.
  3. Go in about every 1 inch or so and wrap your twine around the bottom of your straight piece and bend it to curve up to create an arch of your rainbow.
  4. When you create your 2nd arch. You will then bend your twine to hang to the inner side of your rainbow and twist the corner around your bottom straight line. And then form it up an around to start another arch.
  5. You’ll want to continue this until you have about a foot left (if using one piece) but adjust the sizing to fit the size you’re creating.
  6. You will then take your left over 12 inches of wired twine and cut it into two pieces. One piece will be 1/3 of the length. This will be the part you twist around your middle section to keep it lined and stable.
  7. I just wrapped it around each arch and twisted it around itself in between the arches.
  8. With your piece that is about 8 inches you’ll want it wrap it around your line of your rainbow. This will make it have a cute bottom to it and cover up all the uneven extra twine from creating your arches.
  9. Hang or set on a shelf and enjoy your cute $1 DIY decor piece.

I hope this was really easy and fun for you and you enjoy this simple DIY. Be sure to check back often for some fun other DIY’s I’m going to be sharing soon.

Until next time, live a life you love!

Xo Jessica!

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