DIY Simple Dollar Tree Shamrock Garland

Do you love decor for all the holidays but like to keep your decor sweet and simple? Then your in the right place! That’s exactly what I do over here. I mix in my simple minimalist life with my joy of decorating for the holidays. I also am into all the super budget friendly things. I’d rather spend money on adventures and experiences with my family than collecting things.

So if your like me. Or just want to have simple piece of St Patrick’s day decor in your home for the holiday them your going to love what I’m sharing today. It will cost you two dollars and only requires two items unless you count the tape. It’s really simple to make and will lay pretty flat to store so you don’t have to worry about bulky decor.

So let’s get to the fun and easy garland or banner that you can even let your kids make for you if you’d like.

Items Needed:

  • Foam shamrocks (from dollar tree)
  • Twine (from dollar tree
  • Tape


  1. Hang your twine up where you’d like it. You’ll want to hang it first so it naturally falls the way it will hang and your shamrocks don’t flip and turn.
  2. Tape your shamrocks to your twine.
  3. Enjoy your new garland

See I told you it was sweet and simple. Kinda like this blog post. I hope you have fun making it and enjoy the festive fun it brings to your home!

Until next time, live a life you love!

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