DIY Reindeer Food Recipe With A Free Printable Label

The holidays are so magical for young kids so of course and since I’m that “extra” mom I love to help boost that magic…. just a trendy tiny bit! you know for added fun. And honestly can a holiday ever be too magical? I think not!

One way we love to make the holidays magical is having Reindeer Food for our boys to sprinkle and toss into the yard. It’s so that Santa’s Reindeers don’t miss our home accidentally on Christmas Eve night.

We actually include ours in our Christmas Eve box!

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It’s really one of my favorite traditions we started with our boys many years ago. And we have a ton… just go check out my favorite holiday traditions post!

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So are you ready to DIY it up? You can literally make it however you want. I try to keep it sweet and simple. To make it how I do…

You will need:

  • 2 pkgs of instant oatmeal
  • Red and green sprinkles, glitter, confetti or etc. (for decoration)
  • Clear baggy of some kind ( I use snack size ziplock)
  • My Free printable labels
  • Tape

To Create:

  1. Mix the oatmeal and colored sprinkles and/or glitter.
  2. Prep your ziplock bags. *tip* I like to flip the zip seal part of my bag outward to help keep the bag open and then squish the bag down some so it sits up.
  3. Scoop your mixed ingredients into the bags. You don’t need much. With my mixture I made 4 bags. I mean unless you want to spend a great deal of time sprinkling food in the yard all night.
  4. Close it up and tape your bag to match the size of the label. For mine I had to fold them over to make the bag less side and then the top down to make them shorter.
  5. Take some double sided or back to back rolled tape (how ever you explain that) and place it on the inside of your label closes to the edge.
  6. Place your filled baggie inside and close your label over it. Enjoy!

If you help your kids when they open it you can actually save your label and reuse it year after year. I actually did this with my handmade ones. But figured I needed to step up my game now before my oldest caught in to mamas handwriting.

You could even have your elf bring it! Soooo fun too!

So to the fun freebie part! The printable label… I’m sure your wondering where it is. It’s in my FREE RESOURCE LIBRARY of course. Remember my last post where I talked about it. Yup I’m filling it up. Lots of holiday goodies going into it.

If you use them and have Instagram. Tag me @mama_bear_wooten I love to see the wonderful things I create help bring a little extra magic to your home. And don’t forget to check back frequently for more goodies.


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