DIY: Laminating with out a laminator

How many times have you needed to laminate something? I know I do ALL the time. Like all the time! I make learning activities and all kinds of projects that I want to last more than one use. Some items work perfect in a sheet protector but that doesn’t work for all projects.A couple years ago I discovered clear laminate shelf liner. It’s really inexpensive and you can laminate any size you want with out the limitations of an at home laminator. Plus you don’t have all the added expense of purchasing a laminator and the lamination sheets.Below I’m going to show you a super easy lamination project I’m doing. We are flying out soon and I found some awesome LEGO cards that will make the perfect flight activity for my Little’s. I know these are going to be a big hit since my Little’s love them some legos. So I’m going to DIY laminate them so we can use them over and over again with minimal wear and tear.


Clear shelf line lamination – 12 x 36 I always use this one. – 18 x 20 Scissors Paper slicer (not necessary but makes straight paper cuts really easy) Project you want to laminate. I found mine on Pinterest Here


Print out the project you want to laminate. These are my LEGO cards I printed. I made mine double sided to elongate the amount of cards to keep track of. STEP 2 Cut your project to your desired size
I use my paper slicer for straight edges


Measure and cut your lamination to where it is about a half an inch larger than your paper all the way around. Say your project is 4×6 you will cut your laminate to 5×7. Cut two of the same size per project. You will be placing it on both sides of your paper. You will need the edges of the laminate to come in contact with it’s self… which is why your cutting it larger. [caption id="attachment_339" height="1264" align="aligncenter" width="1126"]Measuring.. for small pieces I measure to combine on one sheet of laminate[/caption]
The two cut pieces of laminate


Peel the backing off in of your laminate cuts and lay it down on a flat clean surface with the sticky side facing up. “I tried to take a photo but it blended in with the background to much and wasn’t noticeable”


Very gently place your paper on the laminate. You will want to try to center align it as best as you can. Also start with one side and slowly place the paper down using one hand to help press it onto the laminate to eliminate air bubbles. [caption id="attachment_343" height="1516" align="aligncenter" width="1124"]Notice I’m aligning my paper near the edge but not on the edge[/caption]


Peel the backing off your second piece of laminate and lay it sticky side up on a clean flat surface. Take your partially laminated paper and align it with edges meeting up on the two laminate pieces. Again start with one side and use your hand to press down going from side to the other. [caption id="attachment_342" height="1124" align="aligncenter" width="1234"]Slowly laying me partially laminated paper down onto the backing laminate[/caption] TIP: I find it easier to place my paper onto the laminate than to try and place my laminate onto my paper. TIP: the laminate can be peeled back of place incorrectly and re put down UNLESS it has been placed over ink or onto thinner paper. It will pull up the ink and stick to the laminate or rip thinner style paper (tissue paper or news paper)


Smooth out your entire project and be sure to focus on the edges where the laminate comes in contact with its self. You’ll want to make sure they are adhered to each other well. [caption id="attachment_345" height="1124" align="aligncenter" width="1870"]The last laminated piece as I smoothed out the edges[/caption]


Trim the excess laminate off leaving about 1/8 to 1/4 an inch along the edges. [caption id="attachment_344" height="1124" align="aligncenter" width="1764"]I always round out my corners[/caption] TIP: rounding the corners will help prevent them from peeling apart.


These also are dry erase marker safe! Makes for reusable coloring pages or home school reusable pages. I’ve even used them to make play doh mats for my Little’s to enjoy time and time again. The play doh come right off them! [caption id="attachment_346" height="1124" align="aligncenter" width="1756"]The finished first set[/caption]

Do you DIY laminate? Comment your tips below!

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